Apr 3, 2015

Tokyo considers rewards for administering first aid

In what is expected to be a first in Japan, the Metropolitan Fire Department may offer financial aid to people who administer first aid to accident and disaster victims, an official said Friday. The fire department is calling on the public not to be ...

Ex-bureaucrat blasts Abe on news program

Mar 30, 2015

Ex-bureaucrat blasts Abe on news program

A surprise show of protest by a former bureaucrat against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during a live news program Friday night is drawing flak from both the government and broadcaster TV Asahi. Ex-Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry official Shigeaki Koga launched into a ...

Mar 18, 2015

Rights groups stage racism summit for embassy staff

Ethnic minorities and other socially vulnerable members of Japanese society gathered Wednesday to relate their stories of racial discrimination to embassy representatives in an effort to raise global awareness of their plight and fight racism. Organized by a union of more than 80 anti-discrimination ...