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/ Apr 25, 2013

Reassessing Thatcher's legacy

Now that her funeral is over, let's begin a dispassionate assessment of why politicians of all parties remain enthralled by the legacy of Margaret Thatcher.

Dec 12, 2012

U.K. party leaders playing politics with press rules

Most people like talking about themselves, including those in the press. Since publication of Lord Justice Leveson’s report into press culture, practices and ethics at the end of last month, Britain’s newspapers have been consumed with discussing their own future. From among the many ...

May 16, 2012

Lords' reform creating tension in U.K. coalition

Last Wednesday’s Queen’s Speech saw Britain’s hereditary monarch announcing government plans to effectively abolish the House of Lords, the British Parliament’s unelected second chamber. It is hard to imagine that the queen did not feel the irony. But she may still have the last ...

Mar 20, 2012

TV tactics win Putin new term

On March 10, thousands of Muscovites took to the streets for a fourth time in as many months to protest against fraudulent elections. Protesters held placards demanding “Russia without Putin.” But this rally was smaller and quieter than previous anti-Putin protests. The reason for ...

Feb 29, 2012

To save U.K., England must be more like Scotland

The battle over Scotland’s future as part of the United Kingdom has begun. Last week, politicians on both sides of the border set out passionate arguments for and against Scottish independence. All three of Britain’s main political parties are committed to preserving the union. ...

Dec 10, 2011

Civil reawakening in Russia?

It came as no surprise to Russian citizens that parliamentary elections held Dec. 4 were neither free nor fair. Elections in Russia have become increasingly managed since Vladimir Putin’s first stint as prime minister in 1999. Even before Putin, under President Boris Yeltsin, elections ...

Nov 7, 2011

Wrong timing by the Euro-skeptics

For Britain’s Euro-skeptics, the current eurozone crisis has an air of inevitability and opportunity. The crisis validates their view of the single currency as a straitjacket forcing disparate economies into an unworkable union. “We told you so”, crow Britain’s anti-European politicians, goaded on by ...