Overseas aid benefits whom?

| Dec 24, 2008

Overseas aid benefits whom?

PHNOM PENH CAMBODIA — Despite widespread awareness and censure of human rights violations, Japan, the United States and member nations of the European Union continue to give aid to governments that use the money to enrich themselves while ravaging ecosystems and brutalizing their own ...

Asia's first lady of the environment

| Nov 26, 2008

Asia's first lady of the environment

If Barak Obama is serious about developing proactive environmental policies that are international is scope, he would do well to work closely with Japan. But for the inside scoop on Japan’s most creative initiatives, I suggest he bypass the bureaucrats and the prime minister. ...

A plea for the wetlands

| Oct 22, 2008

A plea for the wetlands

Representatives of 158 nations will converge next week on Changwon in South Korea, where they will spend nine days, from Oct. 27 to Nov. 4, talking about how to save the world’s wetlands. When they are done, they will have spent fortunes on flights, ...

| Sep 24, 2008

You know IG makes common sense: a re-energized U.S.

What if nations around the world were to adopt intelligent systems that would revolutionize the way we produce and consume energy? These would be energy systems that would dramatically cut carbon-dioxide emissions, promote the use of renewable energy, provide millions of “green” jobs that ...

| May 28, 2008

Burying our heads in the sand

We’ve all heard the warning, “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.” Still, with daily reports harping on the dangers of climate change, just about any method to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is getting a closer look. Carbon capture and ...

| Apr 23, 2008

Is growth driving us to oblivion?

Last month, when I wrote a column headlined “Apocalypse when? Can three experts all be wrong on looming disaster?,” I expected that readers would harangue me for taking up ranks with the pessimists. After all, for every doomster, there seems to be a Pangloss ...