| Dec 26, 2010

Your money or your life: Where happiness lies

Year-end holidays always elevate hopes for happiness, but with expectations set high it is not surprising that they often seem to bring depression and loneliness instead. This year-end phenomenon is intriguing because it offers a glimpse of the entire year in microcosm. In the ...

| Aug 22, 2010

Of forests and floods

Last week I enjoyed the sublime luxury of watching a sunrise from the middle of a lake in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island, Maine. At 5 a.m., while friends and family slept, I strapped a kayak to the roof of the car ...

Sea change: Can science, sense turn the tide?

| Mar 28, 2010

Sea change: Can science, sense turn the tide?

In “The Tempest,” William Shakespeare writes of a human body deep beneath the waves undergoing “a sea-change into something rich and strange,” transmuting into coral and pearls. The Bard’s coinage has come to mean a profound or notable transformation of any sort (now rendered ...