Spare us shoganai as we face an ominous spring

| Mar 27, 2011

Spare us shoganai as we face an ominous spring

For two weeks now, ever since death and destruction swept northeastern Japan, all of us here have been trying to get our heads around this catastrophe. The number of victims is mind-numbing; the fatalities, the missing, the homeless. The longer-term challenges, too — environmentally, ...

Don't give up on Japan's kids

| Feb 27, 2011

Don't give up on Japan's kids

Last March, the president of Harvard University, Drew Gilpin Faust, visited Japan to find out for herself what has become of Japan’s once-vibrant contribution to American academia. The numbers of Japanese students enrolling in Harvard have declined steadily over the past decade, and in ...

| Jan 23, 2011

Forests worldwide: a primer

For those living in Japan, it’s easy to forget that forests are not a given. Travel in any direction from one of its cities and you’ll soon come to the ocean or to hills and mountains, most of which are cloaked in forests. In ...

| Dec 26, 2010

Your money or your life: Where happiness lies

Year-end holidays always elevate hopes for happiness, but with expectations set high it is not surprising that they often seem to bring depression and loneliness instead. This year-end phenomenon is intriguing because it offers a glimpse of the entire year in microcosm. In the ...