| Apr 24, 2003


Dear readers, as you rarely get the last word, this week’s column aims to put that right. Two weeks ago, I wrote about the dangers of our society’s addiction to oil, and noted that much of the world still believes the primary purpose of ...

| Apr 10, 2003

Addiction rages blindly on

Too bad the Iraq war is not just about oil. It would be much easier to fathom if it were. Similarly, dealing with the world’s oil addiction would be far easier if it were a simple, zero-sum game, rather than a combination of grave ...

| Mar 27, 2003

Fears over U.S. environmental ambush

Considering that the United States spends more for its military than any other nation on the planet, you might imagine the Pentagon taking a few extra steps to protect the environment — but you’d be wrong. In a move both shocking and awesome in ...

Water, water -- where?

| Mar 13, 2003

Water, water -- where?

These days the talk is all about oil, but wait a couple of decades and oil politics could be a quaint historical artifact. “The most valuable resource we have now is water, not oil,” says Steve Halls, an engineer-biologist. ” Fifty years from now ...

| Feb 27, 2003

Environment Bushwhack

U.S. Civil War General William Sherman is credited with uttering the sage words, “War is hell.” War is hell on the environment as well, and U.S. President George W. Bush’s “War on Terror” is no exception. Ironically, the environment being degraded is America’s own. ...

| Feb 13, 2003

Have we got the will to survive?

“State of the World 2003,” this year’s edition of a report published annually by the Worldwatch Institute, arrived in my mailbox several days before the shuttle tragedy, but it sat on my desk unopened until the morning of Columbia’s fiery descent. That morning, drawn ...

Feb 9, 2003

How green is your green?

What a difference a decade makes. In the early 1990s, Japanese environmentalists feared that golf courses were going to carpet the country, wipe out its forests, pollute its rivers and poison its wildlife. Today, golf talk is more about buyouts and bankruptcies than biodiversity. ...

Chips with everything makes for a hi-tech mess

| Jan 23, 2003

Chips with everything makes for a hi-tech mess

If you think that your computer, being such a modern, hi-tech device, is — or surely must be — environmentally friendly, then think again. Researchers at the United Nations University in Tokyo recently analyzed the material and energy inputs required to produce a 32-megabyte ...

Emphasizing the positive

| Jan 9, 2003

Emphasizing the positive

Perhaps more than any other individual today, Junko Edahiro is striving to share Japan’s environmental successes with the world. Her new prominence comes after working for many years behind the scenes as an interpreter, translator and journalist striving to bridge the language gap that ...