| Jan 25, 2006

Saving our environment one step at a time

Having ended 2005 with a rant (see below), let me begin 2006 on a more positive note by introducing some valuable environmental education resources. As an educator, I am a great fan of knowledge, and though, in unguarded moments, I occasionally let slip the ...

| Dec 28, 2005

Sleazy snappers turn eco-show sour

Originally this column was going to be about Eco-products 2005, a trade show held at Tokyo Big Sight earlier this month. But as you’ll see, I got seriously sidetracked and my focus shifted more or less entirely. The show, advertised as the largest eco-related ...

Too much of a good thing

Nov 27, 2005

Too much of a good thing

Humans are wholly dependent on nature’s cornucopia for food, clothing, shelter, many medicines, beer and wine — to name just a few of life’s essentials and pleasures. We also appear hardwired to control, dominate and undermine the complex systems of nature that serve us. ...

| Nov 23, 2005

Big Money warms to socially responsible investing

Environmentalists have been preaching for decades that true societal change will only happen when the really big-money players, such as multinational corporations and banks, begin to balance profit-making with social responsibility. Now, better late than never, that’s starting to happen. The ranks of the ...

Amazon's best defense is its people

| Oct 26, 2005

Amazon's best defense is its people

In 1989, two years after his first visit to the Amazon, singer/songwriter Sting co-authored a book called “Jungle Stories: The Fight for the Amazon” (Barrie & Jenkins). In the book he writes, “To visit the forest just once is to be haunted forever after ...

Putting people back into ecology

| Sep 21, 2005

Putting people back into ecology

Peter Berg is singularly passionate about his vision for a better world. He is convinced that towns and cities can move beyond the limitations of environmentalism and create vibrant communities that are economically and ecologically sustainable, and he believes bioregions are the key. A ...

| Jul 28, 2005

Moves afoot to counter U.S. Big Oil's clout

Reducing the greenhouse gases that derive from human activities and cause global warming is perhaps the most critical environmental challenge facing the world community. The task is made even more difficult by the intransigence of the world’s largest economy and its leading oil company. ...

| Jun 23, 2005

China's growth sums just don't add up for the planet

China’s 1.3 billion (and counting) citizens are poised to transform the global landscape dramatically, both economically and ecologically. Today, the United States dominates the world stage with military spending of over $400 billion a year, a GDP topping $11 trillion annually, and carbon dioxide ...

Mining the Earth's problems for drama

| May 26, 2005

Mining the Earth's problems for drama

‘It starts with the Earth. How can it not?” So begins Ruth Ozeki’s second award-winning novel, “All Over Creation,” which is a rollicking tale of a Japanese-American woman returning to her family’s potato farm in Idaho to face her past. “All Over Creation” looks ...