| Aug 23, 2006

Bottled water and problems that flow

Having just spent several weeks in the United States, I can report with confidence that, more than ever before, Americans have their hands full. In fact, it’s a wonder they get anything done at all. With a cell phone in one hand and a ...

| Jul 26, 2006

Will commons sense dawn again in time?

These days we can be forgiven for wondering if Homo sapiens have gone completely mad. From just a glance at the headlines, it is easy to conclude that humans are hellbent on destroying themselves and their environment, with little concern for which goes first. ...

Marine management is all at sea

| Jun 28, 2006

Marine management is all at sea

Our oceans and seas are in deep trouble, and if the Japanese government is to be believed, part of the blame rests with the whales. This is nonsense, of course. The degradation and resource depletion that threaten marine ecosystems worldwide are solely due to ...

A road to ancient history's ruin

| May 24, 2006

A road to ancient history's ruin

Irish politician Dick Roche is in the business of government, and his two-decades-long career has touched on public administration, finance, transportation and economic planning and development. Unfortunately, he has little or no professional knowledge of environment, anthropology, archaeology or history — or if he ...

| Apr 26, 2006

A voice of reason countering Big Oil's clout

The United States government may be hemorrhaging money in Iraq, but the financial condition of America’s oil companies and their top management couldn’t be rosier. Thank goodness at least one politician in Washington is countering with truth the greed and myopia that have characterized ...

Self-interest and those Greenland pigs

| Mar 22, 2006

Self-interest and those Greenland pigs

Why do some societies last for hundreds, even thousands, of years, while others soar, dazzle but then fizzle like short-lived summer fireworks? This is the question American evolutionary biologist and biogeographer Jared Diamond explores in his 2004 book “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail ...

S. Korean wetland faces doom

| Feb 22, 2006

S. Korean wetland faces doom

For those readers long ago numbed to the fraud, waste and environmental abuse that accompanies public works projects in Japan, here’s one that might jump-start your ire: A project by the South Korean government to landfill and develop 40,100 hectares (almost 100,000 acres) of ...

| Jan 25, 2006

Saving our environment one step at a time

Having ended 2005 with a rant (see below), let me begin 2006 on a more positive note by introducing some valuable environmental education resources. As an educator, I am a great fan of knowledge, and though, in unguarded moments, I occasionally let slip the ...

| Dec 28, 2005

Sleazy snappers turn eco-show sour

Originally this column was going to be about Eco-products 2005, a trade show held at Tokyo Big Sight earlier this month. But as you’ll see, I got seriously sidetracked and my focus shifted more or less entirely. The show, advertised as the largest eco-related ...

Too much of a good thing

Nov 27, 2005

Too much of a good thing

Humans are wholly dependent on nature’s cornucopia for food, clothing, shelter, many medicines, beer and wine — to name just a few of life’s essentials and pleasures. We also appear hardwired to control, dominate and undermine the complex systems of nature that serve us. ...