| Jul 25, 2007

Our world is being driven by denial

As an environmental columnist, one question that repeatedly comes to mind is, “How much denial is humanly possible?” Inevitably, the answer turns out to be the same, time after time: “Boundless amounts.” Humans routinely overcome the complexities of war, disease and famine, and yet ...


Jul 22, 2007


Ah, tetrapods! They stand firm and upright year after year, from sunrise to sunrise, silent sentinels unmoved by summer’s raging typhoons or winter’s crashing ice floes. Not sure what to think of tetrapods? Not even sure what they are? Well, fear not, you’re probably ...

Is this a poisons coverup?

| Jun 27, 2007

Is this a poisons coverup?

Mariners say the oceans reveal their secrets only grudgingly. Shelly Parulis would say the same of the U.S. Navy. No matter. Parulis is undaunted in her quest to find out what that branch of the American armed forces knows — and what it is ...

| May 23, 2007

Can 'organic' feed us all?

Having experienced firsthand the waste, power abuse and nepotism that malign the United Nations from within, I am not usually a fan of its conferences. I am, however, a big fan of organic produce and composting, so my interest was piqued earlier this month ...

| Apr 25, 2007

Ponder awhile the wisdom of Bhutan

If nations had laws requiring that we all went about our business wisely and with respect for the planet, those laws would prioritize precaution and force polluters to clean up their mess. So far, however, few citizens demand such statutes — and fewer governments ...

| Mar 28, 2007

Hail to the '3-alarm' Chief

It must be tough being Al Gore. No American has done more to raise awareness of global warming and climate change, and yet the media continue to needle him and still routinely misquote him as saying he “invented the Internet.” Until recently, even environmentalists ...

| Feb 28, 2007

Stepping up the heat on energy use

After years of frustration (and quite a bit of ranting to anyone who would listen), it is reassuring to see that the issue of climate change is at last making regular headlines in the United States. Now for the hard part: Converting science and ...

One dive at a time

| Jan 24, 2007

One dive at a time

They say time and tide wait for no man, and it’s safe to say that few people understand this truism as well as diver and explorer Dr. Greg Stone, one of 12 individuals recently named a National Geographic Adventure Hero of 2006. The December ...

The Trip of a Lifetime

Nov 26, 2006

The Trip of a Lifetime

How much trouble can two errant JT columnists, seven female undergraduates from a Tokyo university, an ex-bush fighter and motley others get into during 10 days exploring the wilds of Namibia? Join Stephen Hesse, Hugh Paxton and their intrepid entourage for a lively, humorous ...