Few growth options in 2012

Dec 31, 2011

Few growth options in 2012

The sky-high yen and global economic downturn will likely continue to exert downward pressure on the economy in 2012, but domestic demand linked to postdisaster reconstruction work is expected to underpin growth. Japan is stepping up its austerity measures, including preparations for raising the ...

Oct 17, 2011

Europe the real test for economy

Some people may be wondering why, despite the devastating earthquake and tsunami in March, the yen has been rising against the dollar, the euro and other major currencies, indicating investor confidence in the country’s economy, at least so far. Many analysts respond to the ...

Currency experts mixed over yen selloff measure

| Aug 26, 2011

Currency experts mixed over yen selloff measure

Market participants remain skeptical of the impact of the government’s $100 billion package aimed at curbing the rising yen, and are on the lookout for additional intervention in the near future. Speculation over fresh intervention, possibly this week, is rising amid indications the U.S. ...

Forex intervention raises doubts

| Aug 6, 2011

Forex intervention raises doubts

Thursday’s intervention in currency markets by the government clearly illustrated their fear that the economy could collapse unless they take action. The world’s third-biggest economy was already under serious downward pressure from the massive earthquake and tsunami in March, which disrupted production and exports ...

Jul 13, 2011

Political turmoil casting doubt on public finances

Four months after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in the northeast, the economy shows some signs of recovery, but at the same time uncertainty is growing over public finances as the government struggles to implement budgets and push through fiscal reforms amid political turmoil. ...

Economic outlook dimmer a month after earthquake

Apr 12, 2011

Economic outlook dimmer a month after earthquake

A month after the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, uncertainty over the country’s economy has only escalated, with manufacturers crippled and the crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant weighing heavily on business and consumer sentiment. The government of ...

| Mar 18, 2011

Blackouts ravaging faltering economy

As the havoc wreaked by the massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami last week becomes clearer day by day, one critical problem for Japan’s already fragile economic recovery has emerged: a lack of electricity. In the aftermath of the devastating magnitude 9 earthquake on March ...

| Jan 30, 2011

Downgrade can help Kan make case for fiscal reform

Japan’s deteriorating public finances have prompted Standard & Poor’s to cut its sovereign debt rating, but experts say the move has had little negative impact and could even help the government persuade the public to accept reforms that might result in a tax hike. ...

| Dec 17, 2010

Fear propels corporate tax cut

The decision by the government to cut the corporate tax rate was a clear reflection of its fear that the country is losing its attractiveness as a destination for investment. Prime Minister Naoto Kan expressed his hope that the tax cut, which needs some ...

Oct 12, 2010

Structural reform 'indispensable' for economic recovery: BOJ's Shirakawa

WASHINGTON — Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa on Sunday called for the Japanese government to promote structural reforms to ensure an economic recovery, without making pointed reference to it after the central bank played its part by significantly easing the country’s monetary conditions. ...