| Nov 1, 2012

BOJ, government in deflation test of wills

The rare joint statement Tuesday by the government and the Bank of Japan to showcase their alliance in fighting deflation meant to display unity, but it also highlighted the lack of trust in each other’s commitments. The mutual suspicion, reinforced by decades of weak ...

EU woes press Japan to address own problems

Jun 21, 2012

EU woes press Japan to address own problems

You can better yourself by observing others, as a Japanese saying goes, and this may well describe how Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda was feeling when he hurried home after attending only half of the two-day summit of the Group of 20 major economies in ...

Investors are kept guessing on currency intervention

Jun 12, 2012

Investors are kept guessing on currency intervention

Silence seems golden for the government, which wants to leave investors guessing whether Tokyo will intervene in the foreign exchange market to stem the rise of the yen against other major currencies. Finance Minister Jun Azumi repeatedly said “No comment” last week in dodging ...

Apr 25, 2012

Japan to keep U.S. thinking about IMF reforms: Azumi

Japan will continue to press the U.S. to accept a 2010 agreement for the International Monetary Fund to implement governance reforms, a deal that will help enhance the voices of emerging economies within the multilateral lender, Finance Minister Jun Azumi said Tuesday. But Azumi ...

| Apr 23, 2012

Analysts query value of IMF contribution

The leading role Japan played in convincing the Group of 20 major economies to almost double the resources of the International Monetary Fund highlighted Tokyo’s fear of losing its global presence to emerging economies such as China. When their two-day meeting ended Friday in ...

Mar 8, 2012

Recovery from quake could block reforms

One year after the devastating March 11 quake and tsunami, the economy has been recovering from the tremendous shocks caused by the disasters, which disrupted the nation’s production and exports while hurting business and consumer sentiment. But with conditions apparently getting back to normal ...

| Feb 16, 2012

BOJ faced pressure over inflation goals

The Bank of Japan’s decision to announce its first-ever inflation target is being widely interpreted as the central bank stepping up its commitment to end chronic deflation. But analysts say the move is also the result of political pressure and will benefit the government, ...

Few growth options in 2012

Dec 31, 2011

Few growth options in 2012

The sky-high yen and global economic downturn will likely continue to exert downward pressure on the economy in 2012, but domestic demand linked to postdisaster reconstruction work is expected to underpin growth. Japan is stepping up its austerity measures, including preparations for raising the ...

Oct 17, 2011

Europe the real test for economy

Some people may be wondering why, despite the devastating earthquake and tsunami in March, the yen has been rising against the dollar, the euro and other major currencies, indicating investor confidence in the country’s economy, at least so far. Many analysts respond to the ...

Currency experts mixed over yen selloff measure

| Aug 26, 2011

Currency experts mixed over yen selloff measure

Market participants remain skeptical of the impact of the government’s $100 billion package aimed at curbing the rising yen, and are on the lookout for additional intervention in the near future. Speculation over fresh intervention, possibly this week, is rising amid indications the U.S. ...