Mar 16, 2010

Grads return to watches as job-hunter prop

Junior high students used to receive wristwatches as gifts for getting into high school, keeping them until they graduated from university. But the growing availability of cell phones has led many high school and college students to forsake this tradition. Of late, though, amid ...

Feb 27, 2010

Net a new tool for apartment hunters

Many apartment hunters are checking the Internet before going to real estate companies, which in turn are offering benefits to potential clients as part of sales campaigns. The rental housing business is most brisk in the January-March period when university entrants, new employees and ...

Feb 13, 2010

Palace joggers a cottage industry

The 5 km-long run around the Imperial Palace in the heart of Tokyo is known to many after-work joggers in the metropolitan area as a “sanctuary” because there are no traffic signals and the area is safe. Recently, facilities for joggers to change their ...

Storytelling made easy via DVDs

Aug 2, 2006

Storytelling made easy via DVDs

Young mothers who were raised on TV and movies are being targeted in a marketing push for animated DVD versions of children’s picture books. Unlike usual cartoons, the picture book DVDs move slowly so viewers feel like the story is being read to them. ...

Assembly line nuptials no longer cut it

Jul 26, 2006

Assembly line nuptials no longer cut it

People planning to tie the knot are increasingly looking to hold wedding receptions that reflect their personal tastes, instead of following conventional patterns that don’t have much character. The norms of a usual celebration begin with the newlyweds entering the reception hall and taking ...

In digital era, conventional camera still has fans

Jun 1, 2006

In digital era, conventional camera still has fans

As digital cameras continue to grow in popularity, there remains a group of committed people who still prefer film. Sales of digital cameras have taken off as amateur photographers like being able to check their pictures immediately after taking them. They also are attracted ...

Food safety fears heat up delivery services

Feb 22, 2006

Food safety fears heat up delivery services

As consumers become increasingly sensitive toward food safety issues, some food delivery service operators are getting brisk business by ensuring the quality of the produce they sell. Their businesses have expanded amid consumer anxiety about mad cow disease and agrochemical residue on vegetables. The ...

Dec 30, 2005

Handsets best pal for young female shoppers

for personal computers, will grow further,” he predicted. Supporting this growth is the spread of third-generation mobile phones that offer high-speed data transmission, as well as flat fees for unlimited Internet use. “Monthly sales through mobile phones in October this year was four times ...