Witness testifies to supplying MDMA to Oshio

Sep 8, 2010

Witness testifies to supplying MDMA to Oshio

A key witness in the trial of Manabu Oshio testified Tuesday that he obtained and gave an illegal stimulant to the actor. Yusuke Izumida went on to say Oshio later asked him to destroy any evidence of his illegal drug possession. Oshio has been ...

Actor's trial to test lay judges' neutrality

Sep 4, 2010

Actor's trial to test lay judges' neutrality

A test case for the nascent lay judge system got under way Friday at the Tokyo District Court as a celebrity defendant already crucified in the public realm now faces citizen judges, raising questions of whether they can render a judgment free of media ...

Kingpin win would delay charges

Sep 2, 2010

Kingpin win would delay charges

Now that Ichiro Ozawa has made it official and will run for president of the Democratic Party of Japan, a key question is whether he can be indicted over his alleged financial illegalities should he win and become prime minister. Ozawa is facing an ...

Aug 14, 2010

Student grocers put down roots

Small vegetable stores called “yaoya” are common in most local shopping districts, but neighborhood retailers in general are declining due to competition from supermarkets. Operators of a greengrocer that opened in late April in the Iriya district of Tokyo’s Taito Ward are challenging that ...

Jul 29, 2010

Pair hanged; Chiba attends as witness

Two inmates were hanged Wednesday in the first executions since the Democratic Party of Japan took power 10 months ago. Justice Minister Keiko Chiba attended the executions of Kazuo Shinozawa and Hidenori Ogata at the Tokyo Detention House. It was the first time a ...

Jul 29, 2010

Refugee studies forum created

With the number of asylum seekers on the rise, experts on refugee issues have recently launched an interdisciplinary academic organization to promote research in their field while steering public interest. Unlike the United Kingdom and the United States, where refugee studies is an established ...

Jul 24, 2010

Reformist bar head works to raise way lawyers serve

Lawyer Kenji Utsunomiya has spent his career helping debtors overcome the burden of multiple loans, while pushing for legislation to reduce their numbers. An advocate for the underemployed, in 2008 he served as the honorary mayor of a makeshift “village” set up in Tokyo’s ...

Summer: the season of 'fire flowers'

| Jul 14, 2010

Summer: the season of 'fire flowers'

Summer is fireworks season. For centuries, Japanese have been fascinated by this spectacle of lights called “hanabi,” which literally means “fire flowers.” These days, hundreds of fireworks festivals, both large and small, take place across the country every summer and thousands of spectators come ...

Jul 8, 2010

Bethune gets suspended sentence

An antiwhaling activist from New Zealand was convicted and given a suspended prison term Wednesday for interfering with a Japanese whaling ship and illegally boarding it in the Antarctic Ocean in February. The Tokyo District Court gave a two-year prison term, suspended for five ...

Jul 1, 2010

Easing of visa rules paves way for biggest tourist group from China

The Japan National Tourism Organization has landed its biggest tourist group ever — 10,000 Chinese employees and their relatives — in a welcome piece of news for the government as it eases visa rules on individual Chinese tourists starting Thursday. Pro-Health, a Beijing-based health ...