Aug 17, 2007

U.S. film on A-bomb witnesses debuts

A documentary by Academy award winner Steven Okazaki recently premiered across America on the Home Box Office television service, shedding new light on the double atomic bombings some 62 years ago, when the United States targeted Hiroshima, then Nagasaki, in an effort to bring ...

Jul 17, 2007

N.Y. film fest to explore A-bombings

The first New York Peace Film Festival, opening in August and featuring a guest appearance by an atomic-bomb survivor, will revisit the world’s only nuclear attacks. The festival will include five films, poetry and music and dance performances. Its executive producer, Yumi Tanaka, was ...

'Cats of Mirikitani' star sets Hiroshima homecoming

Jul 4, 2007

'Cats of Mirikitani' star sets Hiroshima homecoming

A formerly homeless American-born artist who was interned during World War II and the subject of an award-winning film will go to Japan for the first time in decades to visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in August and attend the film’s theatrical release. Jimmy ...

Animals provided inspiration for therapeutic robot

Jun 16, 2007

Animals provided inspiration for therapeutic robot

When Takanori Shibata first began robotic research 14 years ago, he wasn’t interested in inventing a robot to help with jobs around the house. He wanted to design something that would improve the quality of people’s lives. Shibata thought about animals and how they ...

Japanese-American's life story moves New York

Mar 28, 2007

Japanese-American's life story moves New York

A proud elderly man in a red beret drags his battered supplies along a busy Soho street corner oblivious to the cold winter. Billing himself as a “grand master artist,” Jimmy Tsutomu Mirikitani spends his days perfecting his trademark cat paintings in front of ...

Mar 6, 2007

Japan, China must step up high-level talks: Vogel

Ezra Vogel, a leading expert on Japan and China, told an audience at the Japan Society recently that both nations should avoid negative steps that impact relations and try to improve bilateral ties despite current challenges. Bilateral ties hit an all-time low when Prime ...

Akiyoshi plays to mark Japan's 50 years in U.N.

Jan 5, 2007

Akiyoshi plays to mark Japan's 50 years in U.N.

Critically acclaimed composer and jazz pianist Toshiko Akiyoshi gave a rousing performance at the United Nations recently to mark the 50th anniversary of Japan’s entry into the international body, choosing songs with political and social implications. Akiyoshi, recently awarded the National Endowment for the ...

Aug 6, 2006

Survivor of both A-bombs takes message to U.N.

As long as there is breath in his frail body, 90-year-old Tsutomu Yamaguchi vows to keep pressing for peace. And now the survivor of both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings has taken his message to the United Nations for the first time. Arriving ...