Sayuri Daimon

Sayuri Daimon is an executive operating officer and the managing editor of The Japan Times. Daimon is the first woman to fill this role in the newspaper’s 116-year history. Since joining the newspaper in 1991, she has covered various fields as a staff writer, ranging from politics to business. She became Domestic News Division Manager in 2006, Deputy Managing Editor in 2008, and Executive Operating Officer from July 2013. She was awarded the Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University in 2000.

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Mar 30, 2006

Change to allow foreign political funds

Running for office doesn’t come cheap. Politicians need money for posters, vans, venues for speeches and meals for volunteers. The problem for aspirants to office is that political donations are falling, and corporate money in particular is dwindling fast. “Companies give almost nothing, except ...

Frustrated bureaucrats pen reform ideas

Dec 10, 2005

Frustrated bureaucrats pen reform ideas

When Ichiro Asahina, a 32-year-old bureaucrat at the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, was studying at Harvard University between 2001 and 2003, he had time to think about what Kasumigaseki, Tokyo’s governmental hub, meant to him and to Japan. Hoping to help build ...

Nagano's champion of change

Sep 4, 2005

Nagano's champion of change

He is perhaps the most well-known governor in Japan, largely because he has been breaking with tradition ever since he took office in Nagano Prefecture in October 2000. After converting his private office into a glass-walled room to make his work as transparent as ...

Hashimoto urges Koizumi to diversify diplomacy

Jan 1, 2004

Hashimoto urges Koizumi to diversify diplomacy

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi is sticking to his guns in supporting the United States, even on the contentious Iraq war. One predecessor, however, believes he should diversify more on the diplomatic front. Although giving high marks to Koizumi’s strong friendship with U.S. President George ...

Dec 25, 2003

Japan, Germany, France to train Iraq cops

Japan will help train fledgling Iraqi police forces jointly with Germany and France, particularly in the area of criminal investigations, and will dispatch a team of experts to Germany in January. According to the plan disclosed Wednesday by former Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto, the ...

Battle for power waged on voters' screens

Nov 5, 2003

Battle for power waged on voters' screens

The leader of the Democratic Party of Japan is fleetingly portrayed in a recent TV commercial as the stern-faced chairman of a fictitious Cabinet meeting, the scene accompanied by upbeat rock music. The commercial is apparently designed to convince voters of the DPJ’s governing ...

Oct 17, 2003

Japan and Mexico fail to strike FTA deal

Japan and Mexico threw in the towel Thursday, failing to strike a bilateral free-trade agreement after a four-day marathon of ministerial-level talks. The failure bodes ill for Japan, which hoped to use a Mexico FTA as a gateway to similar agreements with other countries. ...

Oct 5, 2003

Japan to offer $5 billion over four years to Iraq

The government is considering a plan to provide around $5 billion, or about 550 billion yen, to help reconstruct Iraq in the four years beginning in fiscal 2004, government sources said Saturday. The amount accounts for about 10 percent of the total cost of ...

Peacenik taps art world to parody war

Sep 24, 2003

Peacenik taps art world to parody war

Tetsuya Ozaki is trying to wage peace in a unique theater of war — the theater of the absurd. Ozaki, editor in chief of bilingual Web site Realtokyo, a source of information about art, music and various cultural events, is taking artistic aim at ...