Mar 9, 2010

Aum victim keeps memory alive via film

Shizue Takahashi is painfully aware that for many people, 15 years is long enough for memories to fade and for a generation to grow up with little knowledge of the trauma she and thousands of others suffered in 1995. It was in March that ...

Feb 27, 2010

A perfect place for fostering peace

The atomic bombing of Hiroshima 65 years ago has been told from one generation to another in numerous ways, but Academy Award-winning film director and producer Malcolm Clarke is attempting a different approach. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, which portrays the tragic scene, and ...

Jan 17, 2010

Kobe archivist stops memories of '95 quake fading

KOBE — Forgetting the massive earthquake 15 years ago that devastated Kobe and its vicinity would be hard for those who lived through it, but keeping memories alive and sharing them with others can be equally difficult. The city appears to have returned to ...

Jan 14, 2010

Still loud, clear 15 years on

KOBE — The Radio FM YY studio looks like a miniature version of Kobe and the city’s more than 43,000 foreign nationals from about 120 countries. “So, how do people in Latin America spend their holidays?” asks a DJ in Spanish in one recording ...

Dec 31, 2009

All for the love of wearing kimono

in position. Others had sewn a Christmas-themed cloth together and made it into an obi or painted a snowman on a kimono jacket to suit the season. “You don’t have to pay millions to enjoy kimono,” said Kyoya, pointing out another female participant, who ...

Ex-gov. Tanaka challenges a New Komeito stronghold

Aug 17, 2009

Ex-gov. Tanaka challenges a New Komeito stronghold

AMAGASAKI — While the Japanese public’s attention is intensely fixed on which party takes the lower house in the upcoming election, the race had seemed more like a done deal to voters in an industrial city in western Japan. The Hyogo city of Amagasaki, ...

Shizuoka race lights up national landscape

Jul 3, 2009

Shizuoka race lights up national landscape

SHIZUOKA (Kyodo) Electing a governor in Shizuoka is normally regarded as just another local race, but campaigning this time around is feeling a lot more heated with national analysts touting it as a weather vane ahead of the general election. With Prime Minister Taro ...

Japan praised for ICC backing

Nov 21, 2006

Japan praised for ICC backing

Japan’s recent announcement that it intends to join the Rome Statute, the international treaty that established the International Criminal Court, came as good news for ICC Judge Hans-Peter Kaul. The court was set up in The Hague, Netherlands, under the statute in 2002 to ...

Sep 23, 2006

Lawyers to hold concert, sing praises of Article 9

A group of some 30 lawyers will fight to preserve Article 9 of the Constitution by giving a choral performance of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, which is dedicated to world peace and happiness. The concert is an effort to draw attention to political moves ...