Parents give kids early start in English

Jul 10, 2013

Parents give kids early start in English

More and more parents are interested in having their children start studying English even before they turn 1, with an eye on giving them an advantage in their future careers. At S&S International School, an English school for infants in Yokohama, 2-year-olds were fluently ...

NPO helps granddads learn child-rearing skills

Jun 27, 2013

NPO helps granddads learn child-rearing skills

A Tokyo-based nonprofit organization is promoting a program to help grandfathers learn the basics of nurturing babies. The NPO, called Egalite Otemae, began the program in 2010 to address the growing need for grandparents to get involved in child-rearing as the number of working ...

Jun 14, 2013

Pet insurance beginning to mimic policies for people

Early this year, a woman had her rabbit treated for a stomach ailment in a pet hospital for a week, costing her around ¥80,000. But the financial hit didn’t pose a problem for the Osaka store clerk because she had pet insurance. “I was ...

Website capitalizes on space business

Jan 18, 2011

Website capitalizes on space business

Yoshihide Ito sometimes makes ¥40,000 a day selling organic vegetables from the tailgate of his vehicle in a space he rents in front of a beauty parlor when it isn’t open for business. “Won’t you have some rare organic vegetables?” he calls out from ...

Jun 4, 2010

Fitness clubs tap kids as memberships slide

Fitness gyms offering a variety of physical exercise programs for children are doing well despite declining adult membership in the midst of the economic slowdown that has hit the country over the past few years. One 35-year-old housewife sends her second-grader daughter and 5-year-old ...

May 1, 2010

Businesses cash in on insomnia

Companies catering to people suffering from sleeplessness are now in vogue as Japan goes through “the era of insomnia.” Panasonic Electric Works Co. is offering the Restino, a device that automatically controls light and sound factors to determine whether a person can be healed ...

Mar 18, 2010

Consumers turn to long-life containers to keep down costs

Consumers are turning to innovative food storage containers to help stretch their food budgets amid the economic slowdown. Companies are keeping up with demand by giving plastic freezer bags, soy sauce dispensers and instant coffee refill cartridges a technological edge. “Vegetables really last long,” ...

Driving schools try to stay pertinent, even by pampering

Oct 21, 2009

Driving schools try to stay pertinent, even by pampering

Driving schools, confronted with a falling birthrate and fewer young people seeking to get behind the wheel, are pulling out all the stops to attract customers, including manicuring services for women and free day care centers. A woman wearing a “yukata” summer kimono greets ...

Feb 21, 2002

Online music trade riles labels

The battle between online music-swapping service providers and the Japanese music industry is intensifying, with the industry vowing to crack down on what it calls illegal sharing of digital copies of music. According to Isamu Tomizuka, chairman of the Recording Industry Association of Japan, ...

'Ecomoney' refurbishes society

Nov 29, 2001

'Ecomoney' refurbishes society

“Ecomoney,” Japan’s version of the Local Exchange and Trading System that started on Vancouver Island, Canada, in 1983, is increasingly being promoted to allow participants to offer or receive services in welfare, education and the environment in their communities. Toshiharu Kato, an advocate of ...