Robert J. Samuelson

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Feb 20, 2015

New tech isn't paying off as much as before

We are not getting our money's worth from the "creative destruction" process that the economist Joseph Schumpeter trumpeted. For example, the technology that makes social networking possible monetizes activities that used to be outside the market's purview, while leaving us open to criminal and ...

Europe's unending crisis

Jan 12, 2015

Europe's unending crisis

The European economic crisis refuses to go gently into the night because of the danger that Greece and its creditors can't agree and because of meager economic growth in the eurozone.

Dec 30, 2014

Behind every good number is a good story

Nine percent of Americans carry no cash, and China's government estimates that by 2020, about 30 million eligible bachelors will be unable to find a wife. These are among the year's more interesting 15 statistics compiled by columnist Robert J. Samuelson.

Dec 9, 2014

Aging brings gray hair ... and greater happiness

In our mind's eye, old age is to be endured as much as enjoyed, since people fear declining health, growing dependence and increasing social isolation. Then why do public opinion surveys show that, on average, people count themselves happier after age 65?