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| Mar 23, 2011

Volunteers translate quake data into visuals

Over the past week we’ve seen a stark contrast in how the Fukushima nuclear disaster has been reported. “Panic” read the New York Daily News. “Get out of Tokyo Now” said The Sun. One expects that of tabloids, yet more credible media also described ...

| Mar 16, 2011

Sorting through information after the quake

In the wake of the tragic earthquake and subsequent tsunami last Friday, people in Japan — and indeed all over the world — have been scrambling to sort through the news in search of information they can trust. In the first few hours after ...

Living in Japan: There's an app for that

| Dec 29, 2010

Living in Japan: There's an app for that

As 2010 draws to a close, smartphone use in Japan has risen to an all-time high, accounting for around 50 percent of all handset sales here. Yet it shames this columnist to admit that I’m still rockin’ an old Windows 6.1 phone — insofar ...