Jan 17, 2014

The whitewashing of Sharon

Ariel Sharon, the late former Israeli prime minister, was not called the "the Bulldozer" for being a fearless leader. Nor do Arabs call him "the Butcher of Beirut" for simply overseeing the invasion of Lebanon.

Dec 31, 2013

A terrible year for Syria and Egypt

Even with the most optimistic assessments, the Syrian conflict is unlikely to be settled in 2014. As for Egypt, nearly 20,000 people have been sentenced or are now facing trials for belonging to or supporting the "wrong" political camp.

Jan 8, 2013

U.S. imagination goes wild regarding Iranian 'threat'

Reading the text of a bill that was recently signed into law by U.S. President Barack Obama would instill fear in the hearts of ordinary Americans. Apparently, barbarians coming from distant lands are at work. They are gathering at the U.S.-Mexico border, cutting fences ...

Dec 7, 2012

Rerun of Palestinian history?

Palestine became a “nonmember state” at the United Nations on Nov. 29. The draft of the U.N. resolution beckoning what many perceive as a historic moment passed by a huge majority of General Assembly members: 138-9, with 41 abstentions. It was accompanied by a ...

Aug 9, 2012

Neocons back on the warpath

The neoconservatives are back with a vengeance. While popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and other Arab countries had briefly rendered them irrelevant in the region, Western intervention in Libya signaled a new opportunity. Now Syria promises to usher a full return of neoconservatives ...

Jul 27, 2012

Syria's Palestinian refugees strive in vain for neutrality

“Flames are quickly approaching Yarmouk (as) someone is trying to drag the Palestinians into the fire,” Palestinian observer Rashad Abu Shawar was quoted as saying in the Israeli Jerusalem Post, July 20. Yarmouk is the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Syria. Its inhabitants make ...

Jul 16, 2012

A Camp David moment with Egypt

Despite early assurances by Egypt’s new President Mohamed Morsi regarding his “commitment to international treaties and agreements,” one can already foretell a confrontation between Egypt and Israel. A chaotic transition notwithstanding, a new, postrevolution Egypt is emerging. It is is more self-assertive, emphasizing issues ...