Ramesh Thakur

Ramesh Thakur is Professor in the Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University; adjunct professor, Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law, Griffith University, and editor-in-chief of Global Governance from Jan. 1, 2013. He began writing for The Japan Times in 1998 as Vice Rector of the United Nations University.

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India's illusory nuclear gains

/ Oct 6, 2014

India's illusory nuclear gains

The subcontinent's history since 1998 belies expectations at the time, in both India and Pakistan, that the nuclearization of weapons would prove to be a largely stabilizing factor.

Which way is the enemy?

/ Sep 26, 2014

Which way is the enemy?

As the West seems to be picking fights with several enemies simultaneously, there is the risk of the war on terror mutating into a self-perpetuating permanent war against a continually expanding list of enemies.

/ Sep 19, 2014

Parliaments need a say on war

Democracies urgently need to modernize procedures and structures for going to war with parliamentary debate and sanction, instead of by government fiat based on the instincts of a strong-willed prime minister or president.

NATO is endangering Earth

/ Sep 8, 2014

NATO is endangering Earth

Have NATO leaders demonized Russian President Vladimir Putin and created the Russia-Ukraine crisis to justify NATO's continuation after its original purpose expired?

/ Sep 1, 2014

Aussie uranium for India

The journey to the point where Australia has agreed to sell uranium to India has been tortuous, and the controversy is unlikely to fade anytime soon.

/ Aug 26, 2014

Grading the Modi government

By the way he talks, new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi might appear to be replicating his Gujarat state model of learning to walk before starting to run with headstrong solutions to the big problems facing the country. Even so, he will have to ...

/ Aug 12, 2014

Stop the world and let me off

A common thread unites Ukraine and Gaza. The West acts as if it has the right to control, change and determine the destiny of both peoples and to topple their governments, whether elected or not.

/ Jul 25, 2014

MH17: condemn but learn

It is not acceptable to respond to the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine, and to similar incidents, through the lens of either a friend or a foe. We need credible and prompt international investigations.

/ Jul 22, 2014

Geopolitics trumps economics

Western countries' insensitivity toward others' voices, values and interests lies behind the creation and evolution of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), whose New Development Bank will give priority to loans for developing countries to finance infrastructure projects and industrialization.