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/ Feb 21, 2014

Golden rice should be embraced as a lifesaver

With regard to the use of genetically modified organisms, regulations to protect the environment and the health of consumers should be maintained. What needs to be rethought, though, is blanket opposition to GMOs, especially when a lifesaver grain is at stake.

/ Jan 17, 2014

Why is Stalin honored despite killing millions?

It is impossible to imagine a Hitler statue anywhere in Germany, so why is it that statues of Josef Stalin have been restored in towns across Georgia (his birthplace) and that another is to be erected in Moscow as part of a commemoration ...

/ Dec 13, 2013

Dilemma deepens as drones kill more civilians

The Obama administration's refusal to apologize in some cases to family members of the innocent victims of drone attacks, or even to explain what went wrong, indicates that his promise of greater transparency on drone policy has yet to be fulfilled.

Nov 15, 2013

The true bitterness of sugar

Our use of sugar implicates us in land grabs that violate the rights of some of the world's poorest communities. Better-informed and more ethical consumers could change this.

/ Jan 16, 2013

Agricultural land grabs in developing countries?

Should rich countries — or investors based there — be buying agricultural land in developing countries? That question is raised in Transnational Land Deals for Agriculture in the Global South, a report issued last year by the Land Matrix Partnership, a consortium of European ...