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Drawing on their experiences

Apr 19, 2002

Drawing on their experiences

Orange flames shoot out from two black-and-white skyscrapers. Airplanes outlined in black head for the buildings from opposing directions. The street below is filled with red cars, sirens on top. Stick figures fall from windows high up; others on the ground wave their arms ...

Tracing the Eastward footsteps of Indian gods

Apr 10, 2002

Tracing the Eastward footsteps of Indian gods

Toshio Yamanouchi's job took him to India in 1951 -- but it wasn't simply work that kept him there for the next 25 years. What kept him based in New Delhi and took him traveling all across the subcontinent and Southeast Asia was a ...

Apr 5, 2002

When the lights go out, who'll be waiting?

Modern monsters seem to have a big image problem. If you've seen the new movie "Monsters, Inc.," you know they're in trouble because, well -- they just aren't frightening! But it wasn't always so. The good ol' classic monsters knew how to scare people ...

Mar 22, 2002

A brief history of the comic strip

Herge was not the first to create comic art. There were many artists who came before him. They all played a part in the evolution of the comic strip as we know it today. But, where did it all really begin? Ancient history You ...

Mar 22, 2002

The boy who's been everywhere

Over the last 73 years, this boy's been everywhere. He's zoomed to the moon in a red-and-white checkered rocket, trekked snow-covered Tibet in search of the yeti and has been saved at the last minute from being sacrificed to the Sun God by angry ...

| Mar 15, 2002

Join the global St. Patrick's Day party

How would you like to spend Sunday afternoon dancing jigs to Irish pipes? Or marching with a group of baton-twirling cheerleaders? Or making friends with leprechauns? They'll all be there at the St. Patrick's Day Parade along Omotesando this weekend -- and so will thousands ...

| Mar 1, 2002

The boy who dreamt of dragons

More than a century ago, there was a 7-year-old boy who dreamt of a "green great dragon" and wrote his first short story about it. He grew up, but he continued to dream -- of goblins and elves and wizards -- and one day he ...

| Feb 22, 2002

Don't let big economic words daunt you

It's never too early to get your facts straight about the economy. Many people, even the leaders of powerful countries, still get them mixed up. Using the wrong terms, like U.S. President George W. Bush did this week, can create a lot of confusion ...