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/ Dec 2, 2012

Translated version of famous Hayashi work has its vicissitudes

FLOATING CLOUDS, by Fumiko Hayashi, translated by Lane Dunlop. Columbia University Press, 2012, 303 pp., $25 (paperback)This novel is one of the most famous of female author Fumiko Hayashi’s works. The present translation was done by Lane Dunlop, well-known for his earlier translations of ...

Minor Soseki work gets first English translation

/ Nov 18, 2012

Minor Soseki work gets first English translation

NOWAKI, by Natsume Soseki, translated and with an afterword by William N. Ridgeway. Center for Japanese Studies, The University of Michigan, 2011, 120 pp., $15 (paperback)As the translator notes in his afterword, and Donald Keene and Angela Yiu suggest in quotations used as blurbs ...

/ Jun 22, 2008

An impressionable connoisseur of cultures

TRAVELS IN THE EAST by Donald Richie, with a foreword by Stephen Mansfield. Berkeley, California: Stone Bridge Press, 2007, 180 pp., $14.95 (paper)Donald Richie continues to write learnedly, wittily and insightfully about Japan, of whose culture he is one of the world’s greatest interpreters. ...

/ Feb 25, 2007

Upstairs, downstairs and inside old Japan

Companions of the Holiday by Donald Richie, with an introduction by Timothy Harris and an afterword by the author. Tokyo/New York: Printed Matter Press, 181 pp., $15 (paper)Donald Richie is known to readers of The Japan Times for his regular reviews of books dealing ...

/ Oct 8, 2006

Army specialist's take on Japanese studies

AMERICA’S JAPAN: The First Year 1945-1946, by Grant K. Goodman, translated by Barry D. Steben. New York: Fordham University Press, 2005, 155 pp., $24.95 (cloth).Grant K. Goodman is a professional historian of Japan, specializing in the relations between the Dutch and the Japanese in ...

/ Sep 19, 2000

A fascinating figure of 13th-century Japan

CHARISMA AND COMMUNITY FORMATION IN MEDIEVAL JAPAN, by S.A. Thornton. Ithaca: Cornell University East Asia Series, 1999, 290 pp., unpriced. The “charisma” of the title of this carefully researched and impressively thorough work of scholarship refers, in the first instance, to the medieval Buddhist ...

/ Jul 18, 2000

The art and artistry of translation

WORDS, IDEAS, AND AMBIGUITIES: Four Perspectives on Translating from the Japanese, edited by Donald Richie. A Pacific Basin Institute Book, Imprint Publications, 2000, 88 pp., $19.95.This volume is a faithful account of an important and stimulating series of colloquia held at the International House ...