Feb 25, 2011

Nobuko Kan fliers rile, worry DPJ members

Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s unpopularity among voters is increasing and now his wife, Nobuko, appears to be coming in for the same treatment because of Democratic Party of Japan fliers that represent her as a comic character. During a meeting Thursday, party members complained ...

Feb 16, 2011

Top DPJ body agrees to suspend Ozawa

The top decision-making body of the Democratic Party of Japan decided Tuesday to accept a proposal to suspend Ichiro Ozawa’s membership in the party, a participant in the meeting said. According to Hiroshi Kawauchi, a close Ozawa ally who opposed the decision, most of ...

Kan short on budget, leadership options

Feb 15, 2011

Kan short on budget, leadership options

Prime Minister Naoto Kan is expected to face mounting calls to resign or call a snap election in order to get the fiscal 2011 budget bills passed on time, experts say. To enact the budget on April 1, the beginning of fiscal 2011, Kan’s ...

Feb 15, 2011

DPJ execs move step closer to suspending Ozawa

Democratic Party of Japan executives moved a step closer Monday to suspending the membership of former party leader Ichiro Ozawa, who has been indicted over alleged misconduct involving his political funds. At a meeting of the party’s top executives, a majority agreed to propose ...

Jan 24, 2011

LDP pledges to send ruling party packing

Liberal Democratic Party President Sadakazu Tanigaki pledged Sunday at his party’s annual convention to lead the fight to corner the ruling Democratic Party of Japan into dissolving the Lower House for a snap election. “This year’s goal is to drive the DPJ into a ...

Jan 22, 2011

Government budget woes grow worse

An official prediction released Friday points to harder fiscal challenges ahead, with the combined primary budget balance deficit of the central and local governments predicted to grow to ¥23.2 trillion in fiscal 2020, ¥1.5 trillion more than was estimated in June. Prime Minister Naoto ...

Chasm emerges as lawmakers debate tax reform pros and cons

| Jan 20, 2011

Chasm emerges as lawmakers debate tax reform pros and cons

Tax and social welfare reforms will be the administration’s priority this year, according to Prime Minister Naoto Kan. But a chasm has already emerged between the ruling and opposition camps, as well as between Kaoru Yosano, the new welfare reform and fiscal policy minister, ...

Jan 20, 2011

Key ministers meet to weigh tax hike

Key Cabinet ministers agreed Wednesday to map out comprehensive proposals on social welfare and tax reforms, with an eye to hiking the sales levy, by June as they met for the first time to explore ways to cope with the problems of a rapidly ...

Sengoku feels media painted him wrongly

Jan 18, 2011

Sengoku feels media painted him wrongly

Yoshito Sengoku, who was replaced as chief Cabinet secretary in Friday’s reshuffle, voiced frustration Monday with media reports portraying him as the power behind the throne in the ruling Democratic Party of Japan. “(The media) like to put a label on me. Why do ...

Tax hike not question of if, just how

Jan 14, 2011

Tax hike not question of if, just how

Working mother Gudrun Skuladottir appreciates her life in Sweden, where her two small children can receive a good education for free. “In Sweden, schools are free. University is also free,” Skuladottir, 29, who works on a bank management support team in Stockholm, said in ...