Jun 29, 2011

Kan hints at playing nuclear energy card

Whether to promote nuclear power will be the most crucial issue in the next national election, Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Tuesday, rekindling speculation that he may want to dissolve the Lower House over energy policy. Kan made the comment during a meeting of ...

| Jun 29, 2011

Kan keeps foes on edge over resignation timetable

Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s announcement Monday that he would step down after the second extra budget and two key bills are passed may, at a glance, appear as though he finally clarified when he is leaving. But it still remains to be seen whether ...

DPJ tacks on 70 days to avert Diet recess

Jun 23, 2011

DPJ tacks on 70 days to avert Diet recess

The Diet session was extended by 70 days Wednesday, giving Prime Minister Naoto Kan and his Democratic Party of Japan some breathing room as they try to enact several key bills by the end of August. But the two main opposition parties, the Liberal ...

Jun 22, 2011

Diet session extension left to the last minute

The Nagata-cho political hub was in turmoil Tuesday as the ruling and opposition camps failed to come to an agreement on how long to extend the Diet session, which was slated to finish Wednesday. The Democratic Party of Japan was seeking to extend the ...

| Jun 12, 2011

Track record of coalition plans not always grand

Amid the chaos breaking out in Nagata-cho since Prime Minister Naoto Kan announced his intention to resign, the ruling Democratic Party of Japan is once again seeking to form a grand coalition with its long-time conservative foe, the Liberal Democratic Party. The LDP dominated ...

Besieged Kan marks milestone: one year

Jun 9, 2011

Besieged Kan marks milestone: one year

The first anniversary of Naoto Kan’s prime ministership arrived Wednesday amid a whirlwind of political maneuvering and speculation over when he would step down and whether the ruling and opposition parties can form a grand coalition. Even as the nation struggles in the aftermath ...

Jun 4, 2011

Aid group calls for more vaccines

The head of a Geneva-based aid group on funding vaccinations in developing countries urged Japan on Friday to make larger financial contributions to saving children’s lives in disease-stricken parts of the world. Helen Evans, interim CEO of the Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunization, ...

No-confidence vote set for Kan Cabinet

Jun 2, 2011

No-confidence vote set for Kan Cabinet

The Liberal Democratic Party, New Komeito and Tachiagare Nippon (Sunrise Party of Japan) submitted a binding no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Naoto Kan on Wednesday evening, shaking the administration to the core as discontented members of the Democratic Party of Japan, including Cabinet appointees, ...

Cleanup effort enters new phase

Jun 1, 2011

Cleanup effort enters new phase

Since the Golden Week holidays in early May, fewer volunteers have gone to the Tohoku region to help it clean up from the devastation caused by the March 11 quake and tsunami. The American Chamber of Commerce hopes to rectify this deficit by dispatching ...

May 31, 2011

Raise sales tax in stages, advisers tell Kan reform council

The consumption tax should be raised in stages to prevent adverse fluctuations in the economy, a report compiled by government advisers said Monday. The report was submitted to the Council for Intensive Discussion on Social Security Reform headed by Prime Minister Naoto Kan and ...