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World's 'toughest nuclear safety standards' take effect

| Jul 8, 2013

World's 'toughest nuclear safety standards' take effect

Japan on Monday ushered in what regulators call the world’s toughest safety standards for atomic power plants, determined to prevent another disaster like the March 2011 meltdowns at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima No. 1 complex. But the Nuclear Regulation Authority, power utilities and ...

NRA forges new trail in judging reactor risk

May 25, 2013

NRA forges new trail in judging reactor risk

Regulators are in the process of deciding which reactors are sitting on active faults, but the experts involved say there is clearly room for improvement. Fault exams at three nuclear power plants are proceeding in parallel. The first one to be finalized by an ...

Mar 27, 2013

Regional FTA quests playing off each other

Japan is entering a new stage in its pursuit of free-trade agreements as it begins bilateral and multilateral FTA negotiations involving its three major trade partners — the United States, the European Union and China. Just about a week before declaring the launch of ...

A cautious return to nuclear power

/ Jan 3, 2013

A cautious return to nuclear power

Japan appears to be heading toward a gradual revival of nuclear power generation under a new government supportive of retaining it, but the outlook for the industry in 2013 is unclear, with antinuclear sentiment still lingering among the public amid the disaster at the ...

| Dec 6, 2012

Nuclear foes face election dilemma

Tokyo fashion designer Yasuko Maruko, 44, is an absolute beginner when it comes to becoming a politician, yet she is bidding for a seat in the Diet in the Dec. 16 general election in the hope of steering Japan toward a future without nuclear ...

Hamaoka locals evasive on no-nuke future

Feb 16, 2012

Hamaoka locals evasive on no-nuke future

It has been about nine months since the operator of the Hamaoka nuclear plant succumbed to a government request to suspend operations, and it now awaits the time when it will be allowed to restart, while building a huge sea wall designed to reduce ...

Aug 29, 2011

METI faces reform in energy policy revamp

As the government gears up to hammer out a new energy policy, the industry ministry, which supervises utilities, faces the daunting task of reforming itself under a new government and regaining the public’s trust after the Fukushima nuclear crisis. In the current antinuclear climate, ...