Smoking, now too uncool for school

| Sep 1, 2013

Smoking, now too uncool for school

Kitsuen (喫煙, smoking) could become an obsolete habit in Japan in the near future, as youngsters apparently now consider smoking dasai (ダサい, uncool). A recent survey by the monkashō (文科省, an abbreviation of monbukagakushō, or the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) ...

Japan Inc. backs Olympics bid: Cho

Jul 24, 2013

Japan Inc. backs Olympics bid: Cho

Corporate Japan is an active promoter of sports and is completely behind the effort to secure the 2020 Olympic Games for Tokyo, Toyota Motor Corp. Honorary Chairman Fujio Cho said Wednesday. “Many Japanese companies deeply understand the importance of sports,” Cho, who holds many ...

Voting for idols is bigger than politics

| Jul 1, 2013

Voting for idols is bigger than politics

Elsewhere in the world, the kind of sōsenkyo (総選挙, general election) that fires up public interest and garners media attention is one where political parties compete for national office. In Japan, however, the sōsenkyo of aidoru gurūpu (アイドルグループ, idol group) AKB48 tends to grab ...

Jun 4, 2013

Supercomputer used to simulate disaster evacuations

University of Tokyo researchers have used the K supercomputer to develop a simulation for mass evacuations in case of tsunami. The simulation will help when designing buildings and roads to achieve smooth navigation for a massive number of people moving in the same direction, ...

Shinto's <em>kami</em> and <em>jinja</em> seeking world acceptance

| Jun 3, 2013

Shinto's kami and jinja seeking world acceptance

Ise Jingu (伊勢神宮, Ise Jingu Shrine) has recently published a sasshi (冊子, booklet) in English, titled “Soul of Japan — An Introduction to Shinto and Ise Jingu.” The news was picked up by some Japanese media because the shrine used, for the first time, ...

| Jun 1, 2013

Singer Misia help raise awareness about Africa

A powerful five-octave voice coming from a small frame is normally what describes Misia as a singer. The second hat she wears is as a philanthropic activist for Africa. Donating money and participating in charity campaigns are not extraordinary for entertainers. So Misia felt ...