May 3, 2012

¥76 million donated to Ishihara's islets fund

In the five days since setting up a bank account for the purpose last Friday, 5,428 people and organizations donated ¥76 million to help the Tokyo Metropolitan Government purchase three of the five Senkaku islets, which are under Okinawa jurisdiction but also claimed by ...

Yahoo Japan: Same name, very different company

| Apr 24, 2012

Yahoo Japan: Same name, very different company

Although they have similar names and operate Web portals with a variety of services, Yahoo Japan Corp. is in many ways a very different company from Yahoo Inc. Yahoo’s profits have been falling because of competition from Google, Facebook and other popular sites. This ...

New Olympus picks defeat protests

Apr 21, 2012

New Olympus picks defeat protests

Olympus Corp. won approval Friday to appoint new management, including Yasukuki Kimoto as chief executive officer and Hiroyuki Sasa as president, despite opposition from foreign shareholders. The result effectively means banks and insurance companies that hold shares in the camera and endoscope maker could ...

Apr 18, 2012

Fukushima miscarriage rate stable

Counter to rumor, Fukushima Prefecture has not seen rising rates of miscarriages or abortions due to radiation exposure — or fear of it — since the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11 last year, a survey reveals. The finding suggests that radiation released ...

Apr 17, 2012

Python kills Ibaraki pet breeder

A man died after apparently being bitten by a 6.5-meter-long python at a pet breeding farm in Ushiku, Ibaraki Prefecture, on Saturday night, police said Monday. Shoji Fujita, 66, the father of the farm’s operator, was found lying on the ground at around 11 ...

More rice brands join top ranks

Apr 17, 2012

More rice brands join top ranks

Famous rice brands such as Koshihikari and Hitomebore usually come from the Tohoku region and Niigata Prefecture, but varieties grown in northern and southern ends of the country are building tasty reputations as well. The Japan Grain Inspection Association has granted its “special A” ...

Apr 14, 2012

AIJ chief repeats Diet testimony, this time sworn

AIJ Investment Advisors Co. President Kazuhiko Asakawa repeated Friday in the Diet that he had no intention of deceiving his clients but admitted he showed them falsified fund performance reports. Asakawa spoke in front of the Lower House Financial Affairs Committee, which summoned him ...

Apr 12, 2012

Court upholds life sentence for Ichihashi

The Tokyo High Court on Wednesday upheld Tatsuya Ichihashi’s life sentence for raping and murdering English teacher Lindsay Ann Hawker, ruling he intended to kill her. “The defendant killed the victim with selfish motives of satisfying his libido and hiding his criminal act” of ...