Sony TV woes spell more red ink ahead

May 28, 2011

Sony TV woes spell more red ink ahead

After three straight years in the red, Sony Corp. faces another rough year ahead as the electronics giant struggles to make its mainstay television business profitable amid a host of challenges. Like its Japanese peers, Sony’s business performance was affected by the March 11 ...

Public 'self-restraint' hits tourism

Apr 14, 2011

Public 'self-restraint' hits tourism

One month after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, apparent self-restraint is still keeping people away from the country’s major sightseeing spots, including foreigners, who are steering clear of Japan as it struggles with its nuclear crisis. The tourism industry will likely take a ...

Small Ota Ward firms look to exploit airport

Jan 7, 2011

Small Ota Ward firms look to exploit airport

As Japan’s big manufacturers shift output abroad, taking much of their business with them, small parts makers in Ota Ward, Tokyo, are starting to think they may need to cross the waters too if they’re going to get any new orders. In this, they ...

| Dec 5, 2010

Are electric cars ready to break out?

The nascent electric vehicle market marked an important step forward when Nissan Motor Co. announced Friday it will roll out its Leaf car Dec. 20, but zero-emission cars have to overcome many hurdles before they become widespread. “We believe this will be the beginning ...

Nov 6, 2010

Airlines face open skies test

The nation’s aviation policy marked a turning point in October when Tokyo signed an agreement with the United States to fully liberalize their civil aviation markets in parallel with the resumption of full-fledged international operations at Haneda airport. While the open skies treaty, which ...

Women and business in spotlight

Oct 7, 2010

Women and business in spotlight

GIFU — Two recent APEC-related international conferences in Japan on the role of women in business highlighted how far the nation lags behind other developed countries in female social advancement. Leaping at this opportunity, female entrepreneurs in Japan are hoping to develop networks to ...

| Jul 2, 2010

Survival of SDP, Kokumin Shinto at stake

Two tiny parties that clashed with the ruling Democratic Party of Japan over policy and then made different decisions on whether to stay in the DPJ-led bloc face a fight for survival in the Upper House election. The Social Democratic Party took the more ...

Jan 7, 2010

Farmers market concept takes root in big cities

Tokyo’s Aoyama shopping district, home to numerous luxury brand stores, hosts an open-air farmers market every weekend, finding favor with customers increasingly conscious about what they eat. “Vegetables here taste just like those grown in my hometown in the countryside,” said 40-year-old Yuka Kubota, ...

Aug 12, 2008

A-bomb survivors slam 'safe' nuclear carrier, plants

Atomic bomb survivors are concerned about the upcoming deployment of a U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and calls to promote nuclear energy despite the Hiroshima and Nagasaki declarations calling for a world without nuclear weapons. The two cities devastated by the U.S. atomic bombings in ...

Twist in Okinawa mass suicides tale

Jun 26, 2008

Twist in Okinawa mass suicides tale

Chie Miyagi, an English teacher in Okinawa, has published an English-language picture book to teach her students about the mass suicides involving local civilians during the 1945 Battle of Okinawa. “A Letter from Okinawa” depicts a girl whose parents kill themselves under orders from ...