Feb 28, 2013

High stakes in cyberspace

As China catches up with the West in technology and relies increasingly on cyberspace for business and security, it may seek a cyberspace detente.

Jan 17, 2013

China sets sights on an 'outer space trump card'

When China destroyed one of its own satellites in space six years ago, it alarmed many other Asia-Pacific countries that have invested heavily in orbiting satellites for telecommunications, Earth observation and scientific research. China’s action caused particular concern in the United States, Japan, Australia, ...

Jan 10, 2013

China ups the ante in space

China recently opened its domestic satellite navigation network to commercial use across the Asia-Pacific region. The move underscored China’s emergence as an independent space power challenging the primacy of the United States, Russia, Europe and Japan. The network offers a still-to-be-proven alternative in the ...