Uncertainty over tests stymies India nuclear pact

| Oct 26, 2010

Uncertainty over tests stymies India nuclear pact

Torn between economic gains and a national credo of abolishing nuclear weapons as the only country struck by them, Japan faces a dilemma in negotiating a civilian nuclear cooperation pact with India. The three-day visit by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh once again highlights ...

| Sep 26, 2010

China tensions cloud Kan U.N. trip

NEW YORK — Prime Minister Naoto Kan and new Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara’s trip to attend U.N. General Assembly meetings in New York was largely overshadowed by tensions between Japan and China over a ship collision incident near the disputed Senkaku Islands that escalated ...

UNICEF: Narrow poverty gaps

Sep 12, 2010

UNICEF: Narrow poverty gaps

The head of the U.N. Children’s Fund office in Tokyo is calling on the government to try to narrow gaps among the poor in its efforts to help achieve the U.N. Millennium Development Goals on poverty reduction. In a recent interview, Kunihiko Hirabayashi, director ...

Firms tie English to survival

Aug 11, 2010

Firms tie English to survival

The recent moves by up-and-coming companies such as Rakuten Inc. and Fast Retailing Co. to adopt English as their official in-house language by 2012 reveal their resolve to compete globally to survive. Rakuten President Hiroshi Mikitani’s call for executives who can’t speak English by ...

| Jul 1, 2010

Your Party touting smaller government

Your Party is campaigning on a growth-oriented policy in hopes of striking a chord with businesspeople unhappy with the economy. Compared with the Democratic Party of Japan and Liberal Democratic Party, which both somewhat back big government with their vow to hike the consumption ...

Apr 8, 2010

Tokyo's CO2 cap-and-trade may set national standard

Asia’s first mandatory program to cut greenhouse gas emissions, launched last week by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, could provide a much-needed model for the central government, which is struggling to design a nationwide emissions trading system this year. Under the leadership of Gov. Shintaro ...

Mar 31, 2010

Boardroom diversity key to crises

Bringing fresh perspectives to boardrooms by promoting diversity in gender, race, culture and age has become vital to companies struggling to recover from the global economic crisis, a key U.S. advocate for women’s leadership says. Beth Brooke, global vice chairwoman of accounting giant Ernst ...

Mar 24, 2010

Some men swapping pants for dresses

Style-conscious Japanese males have brought the skirt, a garment synonymous with femininity, to the forefront of cutting-edge men’s fashion. Walking down a street in Tokyo’s hip Harajuku district, it is possible to spot men wearing various types of skirts or skirtlike garments, including wraps, ...