Aug 12, 2010

JAL: Memory of 1985 crash keeps it focused on safety

Twenty-five years after a Japan Airlines jumbo jet crashed into the mountains of Gunma Prefecture, the world’s worst single-aircraft accident continues to keep the airline focused on safety as it struggles with reconstruction, and the relatives of those who died alert to see that ...

Jul 21, 2010

Businesses quick to embrace iPad

It’s been only a month since Apple Inc.’s iPad tablet computer hit the Japanese market, but already a string of businesses are looking to use the multifunctional gadget in their marketing strategies. But as the iPad, which runs on a unique operating system, outsells ...

Mar 17, 2010

PHS has uncertain future in cell phone sector

After Willcom Inc., the nation’s largest personal handy-phone system service provider, undergoes rehabilitation, will Japan’s PHS service still find a niche for itself amid the saturated mobile market? While debt-ridden Willcom is quick to point out the unique benefits of PHS for hospitals, which ...

Males fancy being veggie, fruit 'sommeliers'

Dec 28, 2009

Males fancy being veggie, fruit 'sommeliers'

Gone are the days when women were the most health-conscious consumer group because the fascination with vegetables and fruit is now catching the eye of Japanese men increasingly keen to learn more about these rich sources of nutrients. The domestic media have coined the ...

Designer bucks 'cost-conscious' trend

Sep 3, 2009

Designer bucks 'cost-conscious' trend

At a time when people are looking to buy cheap items ranging from daily commodities to clothing and furniture, industrial and automotive designer Ken Okuyama appears to be in no hurry to jump on the bandwagon with manufacturers and retailers. Okuyama, who founded the ...

Netbook craze sparks rethink by PC makers

Aug 25, 2009

Netbook craze sparks rethink by PC makers

Smaller and low-cost notebook personal computers with limited functions, now known as netbooks, are fast becoming a favorite among users worldwide who simply want a low-cost lightweight PC to browse the Web and handle e-mail. With Sony Corp. releasing one this month, netbooks have ...

Aug 18, 2009

Violinist shirks off her tragic image

Diana Yukawa first grabbed the limelight in Japan as a 14-year-old playing the violin at a memorial service, struggling with the loss of her father in the 1985 Japan Airlines crash that killed 520 people onboard. Now, nine years after her debut on the ...

Jul 17, 2009

Mighty Seven-Eleven racing toward a cliff?

Like many people in Japan, Erwin Dwight Paler visits convenience stores for a variety of reasons — to buy coffee perhaps, or to withdraw money from an ATM, or just to pick up snacks and various daily necessities. “Because it’s 24 hours a day, ...

Apprentice Danish chef gets taste of Japan

Jun 22, 2009

Apprentice Danish chef gets taste of Japan

When Philip von Arenstorff, a young Dane training to be a chef, set foot in Japan for the first time this month, he had only a vague idea of the country’s food culture. But after a weeklong visit to Tokyo and its vicinity, the ...

May 3, 2009

Chrysler's failure stirs concern over parts makers

Chrysler LLC’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing has ended the guessing game on the future of the Big Three automaker, but Japan’s automakers are now wondering how badly the event will impact their parts makers. Chrysler’s bankruptcy will “definitely be a negative for the broader ...