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Apr 2, 2015

Child abductions down in year since Hague pact, but not all are happy

Since Japan belatedly joined the Hague Convention a year ago, the Foreign Ministry has hailed the pact as instrumental in reducing cross-border child abductions involving failed marriages, but there are still several issues that need improvement, parents say. The ministry, which oversees matters related ...

Psychologist connects disaster-affected children around the world

Mar 23, 2015

Psychologist connects disaster-affected children around the world

New York-based clinical psychologist Judy Kuriansky, a specialist in helping children traumatized by disasters, says the same techniques work for stricken kids wherever they are and that making them feel connected with their counterparts abroad is part of the healing process. “We’ve used the ...

Tottori Airport bets on Conan to reel in tourists

Mar 16, 2015

Tottori Airport bets on Conan to reel in tourists

Can a boy detective succeed in luring more foreign tourists to a small western prefecture? Shinji Hirai, governor of Tottori Prefecture, sure thinks so. The boy to whom Hirai has entrusted his dream of promoting Tottori Airport and consequently Tottori, is named Conan Edogawa. ...

Young 3/11 survivors bound for U.N. disaster summit

Feb 27, 2015

Young 3/11 survivors bound for U.N. disaster summit

As survivors of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami cope with the loss of their families, homes and livelihoods, some of the younger generation are focusing their energies on helping people elsewhere in Asia. Haruka Kurosawa, 19, lived through the 2011 calamity and afterward ...

Dec 22, 2014

Filipino cooking project targets female Japanese tourists

Thai noodles and Indian curries are well known among young, gourmet-loving Japanese women, but dishes from the Philippines have yet to find their way into the hearts and stomachs of this key demographic. In an effort to remedy the situation — and in the ...

'Frozen' warms hearts across Japan

Jun 18, 2014

'Frozen' warms hearts across Japan

Michiko Miyata had never watched Disney movies, thinking they were only for young people. But she was in for a big surprise when she saw the company’s latest animated film about a princess with ice powers and her sister. “I was touched by the ...

Jun 4, 2014

Asia think tanks aiming to make a mark in easing regional tensions

At a time when governments and policymakers throughout Asia are struggling to find common ground on territorial disputes and other contentious matters, think tanks are trying to tap into their unique roles to bridge the gaps. Ruan Zongze, vice president of the China Institute ...