| Sep 25, 2012

Harumafuji — sumo's 70th yokozuna

The 2012 Aki Basho will forever be remembered as the tournament at which ozeki Harumafuji, winner of the previous Nagoya Basho with a perfect 15-0 record, mirrored his performance in July and guaranteed his promotion to the rank of yokozuna. He will be the ...

Harumafuji's third yusho marred by an ill-mannered yokozuna

Jul 28, 2012

Harumafuji's third yusho marred by an ill-mannered yokozuna

Five, 10, 20 years from now, whenever we look back at the career of the current yokozuna Hakuho, it will be hard to avoid a particular black mark against the name of one of the sport’s most successful of grand champions. That resume stain ...

Sumo's dohyo starting to level out

| May 3, 2012

Sumo's dohyo starting to level out

If Hakuho wins the upcoming Grand Sumo Tournament (May 6-20) it will be the 50th time a Mongolian has won the Emperor’s Cup. Of the 32 championship portraits currently hanging in the Ryogoku Kokugikan, eight on each of the four main sides, none are ...

| Mar 31, 2012

Sumo returns to Osaka with a bang

For the first time since March of 2010, the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium played host to a sumo tournament. Things started off slow and somber on the opening day as the tournament, as the entire nation paused to remember the victims of the 2011 earthquake ...

| Mar 10, 2012

One large step back, a few small steps forward

Last month the sumo association, while supposedly seeing 2012 as the year to move forward and clear their sullied name, took a massive step backward. During the most recent reshuffle of bigwigs running the game, former chairman Kitanoumi was re-elected Rijicho. Under the latter ...