| Mar 10, 2012

One large step back, a few small steps forward

Last month the sumo association, while supposedly seeing 2012 as the year to move forward and clear their sullied name, took a massive step backward. During the most recent reshuffle of bigwigs running the game, former chairman Kitanoumi was re-elected Rijicho. Under the latter ...

2012 kicks off with a bang for Baruto

| Jan 24, 2012

2012 kicks off with a bang for Baruto

Before the New Year’s Grand Sumo Tournament, most fans would have predicted that Hakuho, the reigning yokozuna, would claim his third successive Emperor’s Cup, and 22nd title overall. It was not to be. In what was perhaps the most interesting basho for sumo fans ...

Tis the season to be focused

| Dec 27, 2011

Tis the season to be focused

Unlike many sports, the sumo calendar can be predicted months, even years in advance. The start and finish dates of the six annual tourneys are pretty easy to work out when you know basho almost always start on the closest Sunday to the 10th ...

| Nov 30, 2011

Kisenosato promoted to ozeki, Hakuho on 21

When the Kyushu Basho down in Fukuoka drew to a close on Nov. 27, much of the conversation was centered on sekiwake Kisenosato and whether or not he deserved his all-but-publicly announced imminent promotion to the rank of ozeki. To some more comfortable with ...

| Nov 10, 2011

The next big thing, and one that never quite made it

Leading up to the 2011 Kyushu tourney down in Fukuoka, the world of sumo is looking to round off another annus horribilis. Court cases against the Sumo Association are still going through the notoriously slow legal system, having been brought by several rikishi fired ...

| Jul 9, 2011

Bringing the focus back to the rikishi and sumo

On July 25, yokozuna Hakuho, barring major injury, or another basho-cancelling scandal, will mount the dohyo at around 5:45pm to be presented with his 20th Emperor’s Cup to date. Expect a humble response from the best the modern game has produced. No Asashoryu-esque fist-pumps ...