| Dec 12, 2012

Major parties give themselves wiggle room on thorny TPP

More than a year after Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda declared to the global community his interest in Japan joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade accord, the nation remains unconvinced of the merits and major political parties are taking equivocal stances, turning it into a major ...

Restarting reactors key topic in new energy policy debate

Mar 21, 2012

Restarting reactors key topic in new energy policy debate

Since the Fukushima nuclear crisis began a year ago, Japan’s energy supply mix has undergone a shakeup, with only two out of the nation’s 54 commercial nuclear reactors currently online and thermal power filling the gap. The government is reviewing its overall energy policy, ...

Bandwagon to be bumpy ride

| Nov 16, 2011

Bandwagon to be bumpy ride

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s announcement that Japan will join multilateral talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade framework was welcomed by leaders of countries already involved in the negotiations when they gathered over the weekend for their regional economic summit in Hawaii. But while Noda ...

Clothiers alter job-hunt look via Super Cool Biz

Jun 30, 2011

Clothiers alter job-hunt look via Super Cool Biz

The government-led Super Cool Biz campaign to relax the office dress code to save electricity is prodding companies to seek new opportunities — and even bringing changes to a job-hunting scene that normally features stuffy dark suits. Business suit retailer Haruyama Trading Co. may ...

Sanyo gloats as Gopan turns top breadwinner

Dec 29, 2010

Sanyo gloats as Gopan turns top breadwinner

Sanyo Electric Co.’s Gopan, a machine that bakes bread from rice, has been such a smash hit since its November debut that the manufacturer has had to stop taking orders. The Gopan represents seven years of cross-division effort by Sanyo engineers. The company said ...

Nov 23, 2010

Rising Asian economies need long-term plans: ADB

Developing Asian economies will continue to grow faster than developed countries in the coming years and should introduce measures to sustain long-term growth, such as expanding productive capacity, a senior Asian Development Bank official said. “The region has managed to grow quite rapidly over ...

| Jul 1, 2010

DPJ's second wind worries rivals

April was an unusual month for politics as several new parties debuted in short order. One is Shinto Kaikaku (New Renaissance Party), launched by Liberal Democratic Party defector Yoichi Masuzoe, who has often been the public’s pick for prime minister in opinion polls. Another ...

GDP rise may not lift DPJ at polls

| Feb 17, 2010

GDP rise may not lift DPJ at polls

The latest and better than expected gross domestic product report underscores that the economy continued to recover from the worst recession in decades in the fourth quarter of 2009 and signaled a lessened possibility that a double-dip recession will occur. This may be encouraging ...

Jan 6, 2010

Publishers smarten up, match mags, bags

For 19-year-old Yurika Tauchi, buying designer bags at a nearby bookstore has become commonplace as an increasing number of fashion magazines tie up with apparel brands to offer their readers fashion items with the purchase of magazines, usually priced for less than ¥1,000. Such ...

Dec 3, 2009

BOJ's independence is called into question

The Bank of Japan’s decision to provide around ¥10 trillion of liquidity amid pressure from the government is raising concerns among market watchers that the central bank’s independence may be at risk. When the BOJ said Tuesday morning it would hold an emergency policy ...