| Apr 5, 2010

Japan urged to mediate U.S.-China yuan row

BEIJING — With China facing pressure from the United States to appreciate the yuan to balance the trade imbalance, analysts are urging Japan to play the role of mediator. Japan, which has advised China to make a “sensible judgment” in reforming its dollar-pegged currency ...

Jan 21, 2010

Japan-China history report to break new ground

BEIJING — Historians from Japan and China are planning to release a report later this month on the outcome of a three-year joint history research project, including what could be a significant meeting of minds on the fighting in China between 1937 and 1945. ...

Oct 3, 2009

China wary of Hatoyama's 'East Asian community'

BEIJING — Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama’s proposal to create an “East Asian community” along the lines of the European Union has effectively sparked a leadership race between Japan and China in shaping the future of one of the most quickly developing regions in the ...

Sep 14, 2009

Hatoyama will be tested early on N. Korea issues

PYONGYANG (Kyodo) North Korea will pose a major diplomatic challenge for Yukio Hatoyama when he takes office as prime minister on Wednesday. Pyongyang will be paying close attention to how Hatoyama handles such issues as the nuclear standoff, the abductions of Japanese nationals and ...

Asian youths call for ambitious climate pact

Jul 31, 2009

Asian youths call for ambitious climate pact

BEIJING (Kyodo) Alarmed by the slow progress in global negotiations on a new carbon-capping pact, young people in Asia are increasingly calling on China, Japan and other major greenhouse gas emitters to step up to the plate, emphasizing that transformation to a low-carbon economy ...

Apr 13, 2009

U.S.-China deal blocks Japan's action on N. Korea's rocket launch

PATTAYA, Thailand — Japan’s acceptance of a U.N. Security Council presidential statement in response to North Korea’s April 5 rocket launch instead of a UNSC resolution stemmed largely from a policy shift by the United States, Tokyo’s closest ally. The compromise — struck between ...

G20 to eye creation of low-carbon economy

Jan 27, 2009

G20 to eye creation of low-carbon economy

Leaders of 20 major developed and emerging economies are expected during a summit in London on April 2 to ensure that their stimulus measures to address the global financial crisis will also lead to the creation of a low-carbon world economy, according to a ...

Dec 17, 2008

Japan eyes proactive climate diplomacy in 2009

POZNAN, Poland — Japan is expected to pursue proactive yet balanced climate diplomacy in 2009 to ensure the involvement of the United States, China and India — responsible for nearly half the world’s greenhouse gas emissions — in a new treaty to fight global ...

Ice maker fearing a global thaw

Dec 10, 2008

Ice maker fearing a global thaw

MINANO, Saitama Pref. — As many as 100,000 people from Japan and abroad visit Tetsuo Asami’s shaved ice parlor every summer in Minano, a small town in the Chichibu region of Saitama Prefecture, seeking out his products that use naturally frozen ice and are ...

Romania Japan studies head hailed

Nov 18, 2008

Romania Japan studies head hailed

Kanji Tsushima was deeply moved when he heard that one of the students in his Japanese-language class 30 years ago in Bucharest had won two awards for her role in introducing his country’s culture to Romania by translating modern literature. “She was by far ...