We need to talk about Abe

May 8, 2015

We need to talk about Abe

Shinzo Abe is bent on making Japan a "normal" country, but has he thought out the consequences of elevating the SDF to a full-fledged military?

Mar 31, 2015

Singapore's iron patriarch

Lee Kuan Yew cut his teeth on politics, but his ruthlessness in ensuring the dominance of his People's Action Party removed political contenders who might one day take over. It's the age-old problem when a great philosopher-king departs.

Feb 27, 2015

Empire of petty shopkeepers

It is clear that British Prime Minister David Cameron as well as many leading lights of the government coalition do not believe in the EU, yet they do not have a strategy for a British exit without penalties.

Feb 16, 2015

Time to rein in greedy airlines

Hundreds of millions of airline passengers are facing unnecessary turbulence as airlines squeeze as much money as possible from them, and governments look away rather than see that passengers get a fair deal.

Obama's lovefest with Modi

Feb 12, 2015

Obama's lovefest with Modi

There are questions about how deep the relationship is between India and the U.S., as opposed to that between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Barack Obama.