Nov 20, 2013

Group makes no secret of opposition to bill

In the face of moves to amend the postwar Constitution, about 500 people gathered in Tokyo on Saturday to promote the importance of maintaining its pacifistic ideals. At the outset of the gathering, sponsored by the pro-constitutional Article 9 Association, Yasuhiro Okudaira, a professor ...

Photo show spans Minamata woes

Nov 12, 2013

Photo show spans Minamata woes

Some 60 pictures by a freelance photographer currently on display at a gallery in central Tokyo show glimpses of the half-century history of Minamata disease victims. Since his first visit to Minamata, Kumamoto Prefecture, in 1960 as a rookie photographer just out of college, ...

| Oct 16, 2013

Death of inmate's adoptive son ends 'Teigin' retrial bid

The curtain has effectively come down on the most mysterious mass-murder case in postwar Japan, with numerous questions left unanswered. Takehiko Hirasawa, 54, who sought a posthumous retrial for his adoptive father, Sadamichi Hirasawa, was recently found dead in a home in Suginami Ward, ...

Memories of war's victims, victimizers

Aug 14, 2013

Memories of war's victims, victimizers

A freelance photojournalist has recorded the individual histories of 70 survivors of the war at home and abroad to show how they acted during wartime and how their experiences affected the rest of their lives. “I wanted to record the testimonies of war survivors ...

Exhibit highlights Taiwan sex slaves

Aug 2, 2013

Exhibit highlights Taiwan sex slaves

A Tokyo museum focusing on wartime sex slavery is holding an exhibition on how Taiwanese women exploited by the Japanese military have struggled to recover from their ordeals. The Women’s Active Museum on War and Peace, better known as WAM, has collected documents and ...

Jul 19, 2013

Union journals shed light on Minamata disease

Journals detailing the activities of the now-disbanded labor union of Chisso Corp., responsible for the outbreak of the mercury-poisoning disease in Kyushu in the 1950s, have been reprinted to throw fresh light on how its members struggled to support victims of the pollution and ...