Mar 10, 2015

Sharp eyes LCD shift to business products

Sharp Corp. said Tuesday it aims to expand sales of LCD panels for business products to establish a more stable portfolio rather than depend on highly volatile consumer products. The struggling Osaka-based firm still has a technological edge in the LCD panel business, allowing ...

Virtual technology resurrects ancient sites

| Mar 8, 2015

Virtual technology resurrects ancient sites

Mixing virtual reality from the past with present-day reality may sound confusing but it’s actually a simple concept. If replicas are digitally projected at historical sites where famous buildings or structures once stood before disappearing years ago, that’s a mix of virtual reality from ...

Mar 6, 2015

Tokyo to open 'one-stop' office to help foreigners launch businesses

Aiming to make it easier for foreigners to invest in Japan, the central government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will launch a “one-stop” office in April that will guide them through the entire process of starting a company here. Currently, establishing a company requires ...

Hokuriku shinkansen setting tourists abuzz

| Mar 2, 2015

Hokuriku shinkansen setting tourists abuzz

On March 14, the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line will open as an extension of the Nagano Shinkansen Line, directly connecting Tokyo with Kanazawa and shortening the travel time to the scenic capital of Ishikawa Prefecture to 2½ hours from four. Public excitement is mounting. Tickets ...

Feb 26, 2015

Tepco sorry for failing to disclose latest radioactive water leak

Tokyo Electric Power Co. admitted Thursday that its latest problem with radioactive water has shattered the trust it was building in Fukushima, especially among fishermen, and that the decommissioning of the Fukushima No. 1 plant might be delayed. “To make progress with the decommissioning ...

Sony CEO Hirai says selling TV business now an option

Feb 18, 2015

Sony CEO Hirai says selling TV business now an option

After years of refusing to entertain the idea of selling its long-struggling TV business, Sony Corp. CEO Kazuo Hirai said Wednesday that putting the unit on the auction block is now an option. “It’s not that we aren’t thinking about partnering or selling to ...