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Kaz Nagatsuka

Kaz Nagatsuka is a staff writer covering Japanese sports, including Japanese professional baseball, basketball, American football and individual sports. He has covered big sporting events such as the World Baseball Classic, the NFL Super Bowl and soccer’s World Cup. He also works as a freelance sports writer/translator for Japanese magazines and websites. He has college degrees in commerce and journalism.

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Leader Aoki proves worth in Samurai Japan's opening win

Mar 8, 2017

Leader Aoki proves worth in Samurai Japan's opening win

Norichika Aoki definitely made a big contribution to Japan’s 11-6 win over Cuba in their World Baseball Classic Pool B opener at Tokyo Dome on Tuesday night. The 35-year-old veteran had a well-hit double and scored a run in the first inning, while he ...

'God's Left' readies for title defense

/ Feb 23, 2017

'God's Left' readies for title defense

Shinsuke Yamanaka has an intriguing nickname, “God’s Left,” given to him because of the devastating blows he delivers with his left hand, which everyone, including upcoming opponent Carlos Carlson, surely recognizes as his signature weapon. But the unbeaten WBC bantamweight champion’s left might be ...

Feb 17, 2017

Inter Milan teams up with SHIN9, Inc. to improve health longevity

Italian soccer club Inter Milan has agreed to finalize a partnership with SHIN9, Inc., which runs acupuncture and moxibustion (traditional Chinese medicine therapy) and osteopathic clinics in Japan, to jointly work to develop a health care program, the two organizations announced on Friday in ...