Mar 1, 2011

Budget near passage as DPJ abstentions loom

The Lower House was set to enact the fiscal 2011 budget early Tuesday morning, but the fate of related bills critical to financing the government’s massive debt remained up in the air with the divided Diet. The ¥92.4 trillion budget was set to clear ...

Feb 24, 2011

LDP putting recovery at risk, Kan says

Prime Minister Naoto Kan called again Wednesday for the opposition camp to support the budget and related bills in the Diet, saying failure to do so will put the economic recovery at risk. “While the economy is recovering, the most important issue for the ...

DPJ suspends Ozawa; Kan hints at election

Feb 23, 2011

DPJ suspends Ozawa; Kan hints at election

The Democratic Party of Japan’s key executive body opted Tuesday to suspend Ichiro Ozawa’s party membership pending the outcome of his trial, despite rising pressure from the indicted kingpin’s allies to withhold punishment. Besieged Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who is also the DPJ president, ...

Feb 19, 2011

DPJ revolt shows signs of growing

The rebellion against Naoto Kan is far from over and a few more lawmakers are likely to get on the bandwagon, a Democratic Party of Japan source said Friday, fueling speculation the uprising within the party could force the prime minister to step down. ...

Punish Ozawa at your peril: 16 DPJ allies

Feb 18, 2011

Punish Ozawa at your peril: 16 DPJ allies

Sixteen Lower House members of the Democratic Party of Japan loyal to Ichiro Ozawa applied Thursday to leave the DPJ’s parliamentary group in the Diet and form a new group in an apparent attempt to pressure party leaders to back away from punishing the ...

Kan in budget vote, Ozawa bind

| Feb 17, 2011

Kan in budget vote, Ozawa bind

Already beset by opposition attacks, Prime Minister Naoto Kan is facing another threat to his leadership: a deepening rift within his Democratic Party of Japan over how to punish scandal-ridden party don Ichiro Ozawa. Kan’s bid to pass the fiscal 2011 budget and related ...

Secret funds shadowed by abuse

| Feb 15, 2011

Secret funds shadowed by abuse

Paying ransom to win the release of kidnapped Japanese, buying off foreign dignitaries to reach backdoor deals and giving cash in exchange for secrets. These are just some of the ways Japan’s discretionary funds — known as “kimitsuhi” or “hoshohi” — are used, or ...

Feb 11, 2011

Kan whiffs again in latest bid to dislodge Ozawa from DPJ

Prime Minister Naoto Kan failed again Thursday to coax indicted Democratic Party of Japan heavyweight Ichiro Ozawa into leaving the DPJ. In their 50-minute meeting, Kan asked Ozawa to relinquish his membership in the DPJ and to wait until a ruling is handed down ...

Feb 5, 2011

Edano to hold weekly press briefings for all reporters

The top government spokesman’s news conferences will be open once a week to reporters outside members of the press club for Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s office, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said Friday. The move is part of the Democratic Party of Japan-led administration’s ...