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Jan 11, 2015

Xi a keen student of U.S. power

Xi Jinping is being called China's first U.S.-style president because of how he has cultivated a distinctly presidential approach abroad, overseen loans and trade deals with strategic partners and used the "bully pulpit" at home to advocate a clear policy direction.

Oil prices and Saudi democracy

Dec 30, 2014

Oil prices and Saudi democracy

Saudi Arabia's top policymakers deny they have deliberately sought lower oil prices, and there are good reasons to doubt the kingdom is wielding the oil weapon as part of some grand geopolitical strategy.

Nov 11, 2014

China flexes its Silk Road muscle

Just as access to American markets and capital was once a key component of U.S. diplomacy, China is now employing its financial and trade muscle to win influence. It's "New Silk Road" maritime and land belts have become the centerpiece of its economic diplomacy.

Oct 17, 2014

Oil market is proving mightier than OPEC

The only sensible oil-pricing strategy for Saudi Arabia and OPEC — in light of U.S. shale output — is to focus on market share and allow prices to decline to the point at which they slow the growth in non-OPEC output and lessen the ...

Oct 14, 2014

Saudi Arabia's oil enigma

Saudi Arabia is sometimes likened to a central bank managing the global oil market, adding or withdrawing supplies to control prices. But that vastly overstates the degree of influence, let alone control, that the kingdom exercises over the market.

Sep 26, 2014

China's navy seeks security in Strait of Hormuz

Bandar Abbas, home of Iran's navy and the main port in the strategically important Strait of Hormuz, hosts two Chinese naval vessels on a five-day goodwill visit, underscoring the increasingly warm relationship between the two countries.