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Jason Jenkins spent 13 years in Tokyo writing about music, cameras, parenting and contemporary art. In his spare time, he and his children searched the city for new places to learn and play. His family is now traveling while they experiment with homeschooling and working remotely. Jason writes about their trip at

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Listening post: Live

/ | Nov 16, 2003

Listening post: Live

No doubt about it — Robert Randolph has seen the light. Twice, actually. First came light of “the Way and the Truth” variety in the House of God Pentecostal Church in Orange, N.J., where he accompanied his parents’ sermons on a pedal-steel guitar. Then ...

Mutated beats for postmod grooving

Jul 20, 2003

Mutated beats for postmod grooving

Scott Herren is many things to many people. To some, he is Delarosa & Asora, the purveyor of jagged, techno dissonance. To others, he is Savath & Savalas, a mutating musical project that navigates electronica, postrock and Spanish folk with equal ease. At the ...

Fuji's hipper hop

Jul 16, 2003

Fuji's hipper hop

Despite its immense popularity in Japan, hip-hop has until recently suffered from poor representation at summer music events. The Fuji Rock Festival seems keen to make up for lost time this year, augmenting the usual legion of club-oriented DJs with a veritable roll call ...

Prepare to be spanked hard

Jun 15, 2003

Prepare to be spanked hard

Thirty minutes into the interview, Wammo has to go on stage. “We’re about to start,” he says from his cell phone. “But if you want, call me tomorrow night after 10. My parents should be in bed by then.” His band, the rowdy Texas ...

Allison Goldfrapp: 'Black Cherry'

| Jun 4, 2003

Allison Goldfrapp: "Black Cherry"

Allison Goldfrapp caught the attention of ambient techno-heads The Orbital after they saw one of her first performance-art pieces — she sang while milking a cow. After contributing vocals to their album, “Snivilization” (1994), she collaborated the following year with dark-hop overlord Tricky on ...

Four Tet: 'Rounds'

| May 28, 2003

Four Tet: "Rounds"

Whether through dewy-eyed computer-animation’s marvels or Sony’s Aibo, today’s “digerati” yearn to simulate real life through hardware. The same goes for “laptop musicians,” but few sound as warm and organic as the one-man band Four Tet, which is Kieran Hebden. Using extensive samples of ...

Prefuse 73: 'One Word Extinguisher'

| May 14, 2003

Prefuse 73: "One Word Extinguisher"

Atlanta-based DJ/programmer/producer Scott Herren will perform at the Fuji Rock Festival this year, which should come as no surprise. The event has hosted both techno-prankster Aphex Twin and vinyl bon vivant DJ Shadow, and fans of each will easily recognize Herren’s cut-and-snip hip-hop project, ...

'Saddle Creek 50'

| Apr 23, 2003

"Saddle Creek 50"

To the surprise of many, the American underground’s most fertile soil is now found on the parched plains of Omaha, Neb. Despite the scarcity of clubs, record shops and other hipster-habitat markers, this remote Midwestern town has cultivated a bumper crop of interesting bands. ...