Q & Not U

| Mar 5, 2003

Q & Not U

Few words in the English language contain the letter q without the letter u (Iraq and Qi Gong being two exceptions). And in Washington D.C.’s thriving underground scene, very few bands lack some resemblance to hometown heroes Fugazi or any other post-hardcore project from ...

The real deal of high fidelity

Mar 2, 2003

The real deal of high fidelity

Twin sisters Kim and Kelley Deal pass the phone back and forth like siblings accustomed to dividing everything. Today they’re sharing an interview, and only the tone of their near-identical voices indicates who is on the line. Kelley’s measured, Midwestern accent remains at a ...

Mary Lorson and Billy Cote: 'Piano Creeps'

| Feb 19, 2003

Mary Lorson and Billy Cote: "Piano Creeps"

Aside from a newborn and an overlooked body of work, Mary Lorson and Billy Cote share a passion for film. After their band, Madder Rose, died from a bad case of under-appreciation in 1999, they began to compose music for motion pictures whenever they ...

Massive Attack

| Feb 12, 2003

Massive Attack

No one would call the trip-hop architects of Massive Attack hopeless romantics, but I suspect that their music has been enjoyed in just as many bedrooms as clubs. Their collages of seductive vocals and slow, fleshy beats appears to activate all the appropriate hormones ...

Baka Beyond: 'Heart of the Forest'

| Feb 5, 2003

Baka Beyond: "Heart of the Forest"

Before we get into the new album by the world-beat collective, Baka Beyond, let’s get something straight about the name. In Japan, “baka” may be what you call your boss behind his back, but this four-letter word also denotes the pygmy tribe indigenous to ...

'Synkretizm: A Mountain Thinking the River Fire.'

| Jan 29, 2003

"Synkretizm: A Mountain Thinking the River Fire."

Voodoo, with its mix of West African mysticism and French Catholicism, plays a vital role in the lives of Haiti’s rural poor, but it gets a bad rap elsewhere. For the faithful, the communion of saints and shamans offers even the most piteous peasant ...

Common: 'Electric Circus'

| Jan 22, 2003

Common: "Electric Circus"

Hip-hop and Hollywood share at least one thing in common: Star-studded lineups never guarantee a work of art. In fact, some material’s strength is often diluted proportionately to the number of egos featured. This gives “Electric Circus,” the new album by Chicago MC, Common, ...

The Sea and Cake

| Jan 15, 2003

The Sea and Cake

Post-rock seems to have been born a genre already approaching middle age. While rock ‘n’ roll swaggered and screamed, this reticent cousin of indie-rock purposefully strode away from the testosterone. Post-rock’s aim was a departure from rock’s basic instincts, placing mood and texture over ...


| Jan 8, 2003


During the late-’80s halcyon days of rave, Jimi Goodwin and twin brothers Jez and Andy Williams congregated with other high priests of acid-house at Manchester’s Hacienda, then the mecca of club culture. But as their group, Sub Sub, evolved from beat worship into melody-driven ...