Nisennenmondai 'Nisennenmondai Live!!!'

Jun 2, 2011

Nisennenmondai "Nisennenmondai Live!!!"

Tokyo instrumental trio Nisennenmondai (which translates to “year 2000 problem”) have always seemed to struggle between an unwillingness — or fear of — compromising their scratchy, lo-fi sound and the problem of transferring the immediacy and sometimes breathtaking energy of their live performances onto ...

Tetsuya Komuro 'Digitalian is Eating Breakfast 2'

May 19, 2011

Tetsuya Komuro "Digitalian is Eating Breakfast 2"

Emerging from the tail end of the 1980s new-wave scene with the band TM Revolution, Tetsuya Komuro was a producer who defined the 1990s. In fact, anyone searching out a single point when the more modern agglomeration of styles that later became known as ...

| Apr 22, 2011

Japanese music fans need the shows to go on

Last month I wrote a hastily conceived piece for this column documenting the immediate reaction of the music scene in Tokyo to the Great East Japan Earthquake. It was a difficult article to write because the situation was still unfolding and so much was ...

The Monochrome Set

Apr 8, 2011

The Monochrome Set

In many ways, The Monochrome Set are the archetypal “Big in Japan” band. Formed in 1978 by a handful of Adam Ant’s former backing musicians, the band, featuring guitarist Lester Square’s faintly retro playing style and vocalist Ganesh “Bid” Seshadri’s dryly humorous lyrics, flew ...

Altz, Hotel Mexico to play weekend bash

Mar 25, 2011

Altz, Hotel Mexico to play weekend bash

A mid the continuing developments surrounding the March 11 earthquake, clubs and live venues, at least in Tokyo, are gradually getting back to their regular schedules, much to the relief of musicians and fans. This crawl back toward normality comes in good time for ...

Miila and the Geeks take Tokyo 'riot grrrl' sound international

Feb 11, 2011

Miila and the Geeks take Tokyo 'riot grrrl' sound international

A small girl, stylishly dressed in a short, black-and-white dress crouches hunched over a microphone, spitting out vocals that might be English or might be Martian for all the audience can tell beneath the thick overlay of distortion; a sax player with crazy hair ...