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Hugh Cortazzi was posted to British Commonwealth Air Forces in Japan in 1946, and he joined the British Foreign (later diplomatic) service in 1949. After retiring, he worked in the city of London and was an adviser to a number of Japanese companies. He was chairman of the council of the Japan Society from 1985-1995. Since 1983 he has researched and written a number of books about Japanese culture and history and has edited and compiled a series of books on personalities active in Anglo-Japanese relations.

For Hugh Cortazzi's latest contributions to The Japan Times, see below:

/ Jan 25, 2015

Health care pressures grow

Expect the state of siege under which the National Health Service has labored recently to be the biggest political issue at the next election in Britain, due in May.

Press freedoms threatened

/ Jan 16, 2015

Press freedoms threatened

A former British ambassador to Japan hopes that Japanese as well as British cartoonists continue to expose the pomposity, hypocrisy and inadequacies of their politicians, warning that press freedom can never be taken for granted.

/ Oct 31, 2014

Does right-wing extremism threaten Japan's democracy?

Japan's image abroad is suffering as a result of the apparently growing influence of right-wing extremists in the government. It is in Japan's national interest to discourage revisionists from propagating historical lies that might threaten the democratic processes.

Future of Chinese democracy

/ Oct 21, 2014

Future of Chinese democracy

The Chinese government's insistence that candidates for election to the post of Hong Kong chief executive first be approved by Beijing makes a mockery of its undertaking to introduce universal suffrage.

The reluctant warriors against Islamic State

/ Oct 2, 2014

The reluctant warriors against Islamic State

The British appeared so hesitant in joining the fight against Islamic State because of, among other things, the widespread public feeling that Britain should never again become involved in a Mideast war involving differences between Muslim sects.