Nov 1, 2013

Downfall of a rogue spy agency

The 4.9 million Americans with access to classified information include 480,000 civilian contractors with the same "top secret" security clearance as whistle-blower and exile Edward Snowden.

Oct 28, 2013

Win-win except for Syrians

As chemical weapons inspectors go about their work in Syria, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin and Bashar Assad come out ahead. In fact everybody wins except the Syrians.

Oct 8, 2013

At last, Iran in from the cold?

Iran President Hassan Rouhani faces strong opposition at home from those whose political interests demand a continuation of the Iran-against-the-world confrontation.

Sep 25, 2013

Odds for Assad spike higher

It was already looking likely that President Bashar Assad's regime would survive. But the events of the past two weeks have made it virtually certain.

Jul 16, 2013

Of spies and whistleblowers

Edward Snowden, a former contractor to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, has been trapped in the transit lounge of Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow for the past two weeks, while the United States government strives mightily to get him back in its clutches. Recently it ...