Russia unfairly demonized

Oct 26, 2015

Russia unfairly demonized

Efforts by Russia and the West to forge a meaningful and productive relationship have been thrown away by the meaningless demonization of Moscow over the Ukraine civil war and the annexation of Crimea.

Russia wants to be understood

Aug 19, 2015

Russia wants to be understood

Russia's image today remains tained by the image of Soviet days, which is why its case over Ukraine, Crimea and flight MH17 still get little attention in the West, even when it is deserved.

Jul 31, 2015

At long last, the U.S. understands Vietnam

Finally U.S. and Australian policymakers are realizing what they should have known all along — that they can take advantage of Hanoi's traditional dislike of China to counter what they see as Beijing's expansionist threat in the East and South China Seas.

Dec 4, 2014

'Blackmail' economic model

Remember the "Cry for Argentina" catch-call among rationalists decrying government intervention in the economy. Now it is "Cry for Australia" and the dozens of other nations crucified on the cross of unrestricted free trade.

Oct 24, 2014

Western media distorts Japan

Those two favorite targets for Western moralizing about Japanese corporate corruption — Olympus (cameras) and Recruit (information) — are back in the headlines. Both typify the shallowness of much Western reporting in Japan.

Irrational bias for Ukraine

Sep 23, 2014

Irrational bias for Ukraine

The irrational bias for Ukraine in its standoff with pro-Russia rebels suggests there is something sick in the Western mentality that blocks sensible judgement where Russia is concerned.

Aug 22, 2014

How WWII could have ended

A Soviet attack on Japan proper leading to the destruction of the Emperor system and the establishment of a communist government frightened Japan's militarists even more than the atomic bombings at the end of World War II.