Jun 27, 2013

China wins in Snowden saga

The release of information about U.S. surveillance efforts worldwide has led to the depiction of Washington as a hypocrite for berating China over cyber espionage.

Dec 26, 2012

Abe's ascent provides China with a chance to improve ties

Shinzo Abe, widely viewed as a rightwing nationalist, assumes office Wednesday as prime minister of Japan, the seventh time the country’s leadership has changed hands in six years and his second turn at the helm since 2007. The election manifesto of Abe’s party, the ...

Nov 29, 2012

China should reconsider the land-grabber look

The installation of a new generation of leaders in China, albeit still incomplete, provides an opportunity for change in the Sino-American relationship, now that U.S. President Barack Obama has been re-elected. Both countries recognize that the bilateral relationship needs a new anchor. China has ...

Sep 20, 2012

Give Deng's proposal to share Senkaku resources a chance

“Our generation is not wise enough to find common language on this question,” Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping said in 1978 about his country’s territorial dispute with Japan. “Our next generation will certainly be wiser. They will certainly find a solution acceptable to all.” In ...