No plan best plan in Kansai nuclear disaster

| Jan 26, 2014

No plan best plan in Kansai nuclear disaster

Ten months after regional governments were required to submit nuclear disaster evacuation plans, a lack of central government guidance and local-level cooperation is generating concern that Kansai will be ill-prepared to respond if any of Fukui Prefecture’s 13 commercial reactors suffers a meltdown. Questions ...

Jan 26, 2014

Jury still out on Kansai union's worth

A useless talk shop that will ultimately be remembered as a massive waste of taxpayer money, or a farsighted experiment that will someday be seen as the forerunner of a fundamentally new system of central government? That’s the question that supporters and critics of ...

Jan 24, 2014

EPA with Canada would help Japan, open NAFTA door: Quebec official

Japan should consider concluding a bilateral economic partnership agreement with Canada, which could then be used as a card against the United States in the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, Quebec’s minister of international relations and foreign trade said this week during a trip to the ...

| Jan 20, 2014

Citizen watchdogs see secrets law reviving tax money abuses

Democratic societies often have an ombudsman system of ordinary citizens who monitor how local and national tax money is spent. In Japan, the National Citizens’ (Shimin) Ombudsman Network, a confederation of government watchdogs, came into being in 1994. Dedicated Shimin Ombudsman volunteers around the ...

LDP dangles cash in Nago poll

Jan 18, 2014

LDP dangles cash in Nago poll

In a last-ditch attempt to win votes for the pro-base candidate in Sunday’s Nago mayoral election, Liberal Democratic Party Secretary-General Shigeru Ishiba has promised voters Tokyo will set up a ¥50 billion fund to be used to revitalize the local economy. Ishiba made the ...