How vulnerable is Japan to severe weather?

| Sep 8, 2014

How vulnerable is Japan to severe weather?

The deadly mudslides in Hiroshima and other parts of western Japan last month caused by torrential rains have raised concerns about how vulnerable Japan is to such natural disasters, especially given severe weather events due to climate change. While a combination of factors were ...

Aug 29, 2014

Fukui holds nuke disaster drill under revised evacuation plan

Fukui Prefecture will conduct a nuclear disaster drill on Sunday that involves evacuating areas that lie within 30 km of a nuclear power plant. Up to 2,000 residents will take part in the drill, which assumes an accident has occurred at Kansai Electric Power ...

Aug 27, 2014

Police say rumors of foreign looters in Hiroshima unfounded

The Hiroshima Prefectural Police said Wednesday they had no information to substantiate online rumors that foreigners were burglarizing houses in areas of the city hit hardest by last week’s deadly mudslides. No suspects had been arrested on suspicion of burglarizing, as of Tuesday. However, ...